Nano-Gold Bio Sheet Mask Pack | Sheet Mask Pack of JNL CO., LTD.


Description of the Product

Nano Gold Bio Sheet Mask Pack includes mask sheet for face and also for neck. It soothes, firms, and provides the skin with a great dose of moisture. Moreover, Nano Gold Bio Sheet Mask is available to improve your skin elasticity and infuse your skin with liveliness. What is more, in the component of Mask Pack is included a small amount of A.H.A (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), so it has a property to melt dead skin cells and prepare skin to absorb all nourishment of the product.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

It is based on Nano Gold, Bioflavonoids, and β-Glucan ingredients which provide moisture, soothing, firmness, relaxation to your skin and make it brighter. Since Nano Gold Bio Sheet Mask retains all nature qualities of Nano Gold, it promotes rapid cell’s regeneration and restoration of skin structure, and it is highly recommended after laser procedures (I2PL, ND-Yag, Fractional Laser, Chemical Peeling, and etc.)  or decortications/ peeling treatment procedures at plastic surgery or dermatology clinics.