My Fitness, My Mountain of Tobeone Inc.


Description of the Product

My Fitness, My Mountain

MyMountain is fitness equipment on the same principle as walking slope to have maximal effect do exercise to loose calories.The slope controls automatically from 5% to 50% as the first domestic, and it has various climbing courses as well. It's as fixture, which enjoy indoors.It'd be never bored to change periodically, according to course that it can be chosen each different uphill road of downhill road.

*Compact Design
1.The revolution of space: Small and quiteIt include every functions of tredmil, but the size is much more smaller and not noisy.So, it is the best fitness fixture for healthy diet indoors.
2.Superior Riding Feeling: ComfortableTHe dynamic spring system creates a smooth, natural feel, that's more like actually walking and impact control systme helps minimize impact.
* Variety Workout
1.Conversion of Exercise Method: Excellnet exercise effect
In order to do maximize exercise;we applied principal, which is the walk, in the slope.It accomplished 1.2-2.5 times disjointing of fat, so its excellent fitness fixture for diet.
2.Various Slope: Joyful exercise.
The slope being controlled automatically, has been programmed various mountain climbing courses excite follows in the course which select the uphill road and the you will be never tedious.