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Technical Details

CS-Series A soundly made press with various functions that goes for safety, operability, and productivity
  • An optimal design structure for maintaining high rigidity and degree of fixation.
  • The driving part is attached to the oil tank, achieving low level of noise.
  • Displays high performance suited for automation and labor saving.
  • Saves space and maintenance is easy.
  • When processing presses, maintains high rigidity through computer simulation of dynamic changes of every part of a frame, and putting them through rigorous tests.FEATUREP.T.O Device (Option)
  • A device that delivers the driving power to automated machinery needed for the transportation of processed material.
  • Set in an appropriate location for easy attachment of automated machinery. Frontal Control Panel of Pendant Type
  • Digital display of press angle indication
  • Various defect diagnosis function (including PLC) includedPreset & Total Counter, and Elector select ON/OFF function included
  • Digital display of press speed and load
  • Frontal control panel that enables a worker to view what they are controlling.Electromotive Slide Adjustment Device
  • Simple control using up and down button
  • Displays die height as numbers in the increments of 0.1mm on the counter (CS35-65 manual) Lubrication Device
  • Automatic circulation oiling that supplies oil to every moving part of the press
  • Doesn't need a separate oiling device Two-Hand Control
  • For a worker's safety under the frontal part of the press, there is a two-hand press switch, along with emergency-stop switch and slide-control switch that can be used in emergencies.
  • Electronically select the right speed for each processing. Wet Type Combination Clutch Brake
  • Highly reliable structure, especially suited for automation, with more accurate operation and braking, preventing double-falling of sliding.
  • High reliability, high torque, and high breaking
  • Durability that almost lasts forever
  • Superior radiation of heat and high frequency of intermittent turning
  • Low air consumption
  • Quiet driving and improvement of working environment Hydraulic Overload Protector
  • A device that prevents the press from working over its capability
  • Uses Hydraulic Overload Protector with superior performance and easy adjustment
  • Protects the press by removing the overload of slide in 0.01 second. Standard Accessories
  • Power Take-off Device (Front Applicable)
  • Pendant Operation Panel
  • Electro Motive Slide Adjustment Device
  • Automatic Lubrication Device
  • Fixed Two0Hand Control
  • The others
  • -Light curtain
  • -Hydraulic Overload Protector
  • -Mecanical crank angle display
  • -Rotary Cam Limit S/W (12 array)
  • -Miss-Feed Detector Applicable
  • -Anti-Repeat Circuit
  • -Continuous Stop
  • -Operation Monitor (Pilot Lamp Type)
  • -Counter (Total& Preset Function)
  • -Safety Plug (Connector Type)
  • -Motion Detector (Proximity Switch) Option
  • Die cushion Air Ejector Anti-vibration Pad
  • Slide Licking Device(Over CS80ton)
  • Variable Speed Motor (INVERTER control system)
  • Knock-out Device(Mechanical or Air Type)
  • Q.D.C(Include control system)
  • Power Take Off Device(Over CS-110ton)
Potable & Fixed(Hinge type) Both Hands Push Button

Description of Product

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