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High levels of negative ions are desirable.
They're naturally found in places like the beach, in the mountains, in the country, in pine forests, near waterfalls, and many other places that people like to be all the places that we feel good after we visit them.
The evaporation of water can produce a moderate amount of neg...

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KOREA Household Top Air Purifier

- Hyundai household air purifier - Silent operation - Innovative and luxury design. - Totally digital control. - Automatic work by dust and smell sensor. - Work resrervation. - Minus ion produce. - Rimocon control. - Equalizer function. - 9 stage hepa filter system. - Effect area : Less than 100 sqm. - Dimension : 440 x 250 x 780mm 1. THE STRONG POINT OF Hyundai Wacortec AIR PURIFIER * Excellent Air Cleaning Capabilities through 9 steps filtering Excellent Air HEPA filter which can effectively remove the micro dusts in indoors is adopted, which make it possible for a user to inhale more clean indoor air. * More enhanced deodorization function By adapting the 2 steps Carbon Urethane Filter, the removal performances of various smells are highly enhanced. * Excellent Antibiotic Performance The antibiotic function is added to prefilter. So, the propagation of common germs and molds which exist in dusts of indoor air is prevented through 4 steps of filtration. * High wind power and low noise SIROCOPAN By adopting the high wind power and low noise SIROCOPAN developed by our own technology, Ventilation by its wind power is increased. * Automatic Operation by sensing a pollution level Our air purifier can sense the conditions of pollution through the real-time sensor. When auto-operation system works, Air Purifier will automatically control airflow. 2. 9 STEPS AIR PURIFIER SYSTEM 1) Prefilter : Prefilter firstly is consisted of the antibiotic material and removes the large dusts(5um ) like the hairs, dusts from quilts, animal's hairs etc. 2) Static Electricity Sheet : Static Electricity sheet is consisted of antibiotic material and do first remove thick dusts, Yellow sand, Home dusts and ticks etc. 3) Antibiotic medium filter : Antibiotic medium filter is consisted of antibiotic material and do secondly removes thick Dusts, Yellow sand, Home dust etc. 4) Nano Silver Composite HEPA filter : Nano Silver Composite HEPA filter has high air filtration and sterilization power. This filter removes the minute dusts of the 0.3 um like pollens, bacteria, cloud of smoke etc. up to 99.97% and has germicidal powers. 5) Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter : Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter firstly removes the strong smells like awful ones of fats and food. 6) Carbon Antibiotic Sheet : The removal efficiency of the smell sand the antibiotic functions are enhanced. 7) Granular Active Carbon Deodorization Filter : Granular Active Carbon Deodorization Filter removes the smokes and the substances making awful smells by Granular Activated Carbon. 8) Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter : Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter secondly removes the light smells, Formaldehyde and Carbon monoxide. 9) Ion Generator : By generating the Ion into indoor's air, the unit makes a user feel like exhilarating forest's air. 3. SPECIFICATION * Product Name : Hyundai Wacortec AIR PURIFIER * Model Name : HYAP-201, HYAP-202 * Power Supply : AC 220V/50 Hz * Power Rate : 30 W * Room Size : 50 * Operating Method : Multiple (Filter + Electronic Type) * Weight : 10 kg * Dimension: 440 * 250 * 780 mm (W*D*H) * Service life - Prefilter: A time per 2~4 weeks cleaning and washing - Static electricity Sheet: 12 months - Antibiotic medium filter: 12 months - Nano Silver Composite HEPA filter: 12 months - Composite deodorization filter: 12 months - Ion generator: Semi permanent # According to the condition of using the unit, the filter's changing time can be differentiated. 4. How to use the Air Purifier 1) Plug * Plug the power cord to wall-out(only for AC220V) * To be alarmed(In case of not being alarmed, please call A/S center) 2) Power Button * Auto-mood works if you push the power button on the unit or the remote controller. * The in dicator displaying the air pollution level works and twinkle for 2 seconds. * The ion generator automatically turns on. 3) Airflow Button * Choose the airflow button of the unit or Remote Controller(Auto->Sleep->soft wind->light wind->strong wind->Auto->sleep->) 4) Reservation Button * Set the time you want to reserve through the unit or Remote Controller (Continuation->1 hour->4 hour->10 hour->Continuation->) 5) Ion Button * The operation and stop of Ion generation can be controlled by the button on the Air Purifier or Remote Controller 6) Reset Button * If the signal indicating the changing time of filters is flickering, change the filters and push the Reset switch for about 10 seconds. # Remote controller is optional. 5. The way of using the unit and a wall plate * The effective usage 1) When you clean the room, push the strong Wind Button. - Dusts and odors etc. produced by your cleaning room will quickly be removed. 2) When you sleep, choose the sleep mood. - Through this function the air condition of your room can be continued to be freshness and the good mood for sleep will be made. * For the efficient usage install the unit where air be well ventilated 1) When trying to remove dusts and pollens, place the unit on the table and floor - Because dusts and pollens slowly fall, if the unit is placed to the low place, you can more effectively use this unit. If you use it only for this use, the operation for all day is recommended. 2) When you smoke - Because the smokes vertically rise, you can more effectively use the unit if you place it to the low place. * How to install : Install the wall plate with the regular distance from the right and left side against the ceiling. - If the unit is placed to the wall, the wall or ceiling can be polluted. - When manipulating or changing the filters, be careful of the front cover being dropped. - Do not pull the power cord. # To prevent the drop of air cleaner the fixing screws for wall plate have to firmly be installed. 6. How to clean the Air purifier * The cleaning of the prefilter - Remove the dusts which attached to the front side with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. => In case the level of contamination is high, use air cleaner after washing with clean water and dry it. * The cleaning of the unit's outside body - Rub it with soft and dried clothes => In case the level of contamination, rub it with a bit wet clothes. 7. How to clean the filter and how to change it When doing the filter cleaning and changing, surely remove the power cord from the wall outlet. # You can always enjoy clean and fresh air after you clean change filters at the right time. 1) Dismantle the front cover forwardly and open it safety device will operate. 2) Remove the power cord, detach the prefilter and clean the unit. 3) Change the electric static sheet and antibiotic medium filter. 4) Change Nano-Silver composite HEPA filter 5) Composite deodorization filter # After Changing and cleaning filters, be sure to assemble them to the right place. (The signal alarm works if the front cover is surely closed)

Wearable Air Purifier

Negative-ion and HEPA filter purification system, Wearable Air Purifier with a sensational design! PRODUCT DETAILS Wearable Air Purifier - Size : 250*55*270mm - Weight : 230g - Battery: 2,600mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery - Wind volume : 50m/h - Negative-ion generation rate : 150million/30cm - Charging time: DC5V/1A (about 4 hours) - Power consumption : 1W - Operating time: 1Stage(negative-ion) – approx. 26 hours / 2Stage(negative-ion & airpurifying mode) – approx. 13hours. - Origin: KOREA - Product classification : Portable Air Purifier PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC ADVANTAGE 01. Wearable Air Purifier which is easy to carry on. Wearable device, which is possible to remove the contaminants such as dust, pollens etc. anywhere by wearing it on the neck. (suitable for various users such as office, subway, car-driver etc.) ADVANTAGE 02. A simple recharging type Available to charge and use by applying large capacity lithium-ion battery with USB charging method. ADVANTAGE 03. A fashion item with a sensational design It has both esthetic and functional feature by satisfying everyone regardless of gender with sensible design which make it easy to wear on. ADVANTAGE 04. Easily replace HEPA Filter Easy to replace the filter cartridge through filter replacing part on the bottom of the products. (recommendable filter replacement period: 3~4 months) Product function 01. By applying HEPA filter, inhale the contaminated air and supply clean air. 02. By Secondarily generating negative-ion, it removes the residual contaminants and directly supplies purified air. 03. With effectively removing the harmful elements for human body, it is an active air purifying device which directly supplies purified air to end-user’s nose.

Digital Air purification System

Listing Description * Air Cleaner of HYUNDAI Wacortec which was acknowledged from the World. * Product : Air Cleaner(EOS-501) * Purification Performance : Air Cleaner with Highest Ratings of CADR in the World * Main Features : Notification Device of Filter's Replacement at the First in the World. Detailed Description # Main Features * Certification of the Highest Delivery Rate of Clean Air in the World Air Cleaner of Hyundai Wacortec was certified by product with the Highest Air Purification Performance in the World from AHAM (Tabacco smoke>450, Dust>400, Pollen>450) * Realization of Excellent Collection Efficiency. Air Cleaner of Hyundai Wacortec has a Superiority of Collection Efficiency and Maintenance cost is inexpensive due to lengthiness of Exchange period by using of Filter with Maximum Capacity and Supply of Filter is smooth * Using of Environmental-Friendly Materials and Parts. Air Cleaner of Hyundai Wacortec was developed through using of Materials and Parts which were corresponded more than 100% at the Guide of using limit of Harmful Materials(RoHS) which at the Guide of using limit of Harmful Materials(RoHS) which are being carried out in EU. * Diffusion Function of Aromatheraphy, Vitamin. Consumers can enjoy effect of Aromatheraphy according to their taste from Perfume which is located at the upper cover and can feel refreshingness in case of adding of Vitamin. * Design of High Wind and Low Noise-control The insert fan of High wind was inserted to clean the air of Large space and epoch-making decrease of Noise , Hyper-power saving were realized by using of inverter motor with High efficiency and Low noise. * Convenience of Moving Anyone can easily move Room to Room, Room to Floor through Caster at the bottom of Air Cleaner. * Acquirement of Certification Mark from Energystar Hyundai Wacortec Air Cleaner was approved as a Best product with good Energy Efficiency Rating from Energystar # Design Concept - Maximization of Inhale, Exhaust's Number for rise of "Purification Performance" (Inhale through 5 sides, Exhaust through 3 sides) - Emphasis of Soft Image through Front Curved Line - Design of Matual Matching, Intense Color of "White and Black"

Description of the Product

High levels of negative ions are desirable.
They're naturally found in places like the beach, in the mountains, in the country, in pine forests, near waterfalls, and many other places that people like to be all the places that we feel good after we visit them.
The evaporation of water can produce a moderate amount of negative air ions; the small positive charges are left behind in the water. 

**Price : 12/EA, 24/SET

Detail : 
  • Input voltage : AC 110v/220~230v 50/60 Hz  DC 12v, 24v
  • Output Voltage: DC6,8,10 kv
  • Application: Air Cleaner, Removal of Static, Air Deodorizer
  • Size: 60x 40x 28 mm

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