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Description of the Product

Lash Lift Products (Single Items)

1. Lash Lift Cream 3 Step
a) Natural eyelashes have an amazing & beautyful natural curl that 
   lasts 6-8 weeks all day. Alternative Mascara. Safe & less irritation 
b) 2 Type : Speedy type & Premium type. Choose the one depends 
               on your preference.
c) For professional use only
   1st cream : Perming process (8-10min, 12-15min)
   2nd cream : Neutralizing process (less 8mm) with Keratin
   3rd cream (Botox cream): Nutrition process (5-10min) with Hi-
                                  enriched ingredients.
d) High Botox Cream 3 (10ml)
   High enriched nutrition combination of Vitamins, Natural Oils, 
   Collagen, Keratin, and various peptide. It allows the eyelashes 
   to have the thicker, shiny healthy and added volume.
   Repairs weak, damaged lashes.
   After finishing eyelash lifting process, please leave 5~10 minutes on 
   your lashes, remove it.

2. Lash Lift Perm Glue (Brush Type 5ml, Tube Type 5ml)
   It's used to fix the lash lift Silicone pad onto the eyelid, as well as 
   to help hold natural lashes onto the shield during the lash lifting 
   process. Glue contains no cyanoacrylate and is a very gentle 

3. Lash Lift Treatment (5ml)
   Biotin & Keratin makes repair weak damaged lashes, improve 
   elasticity, softer, add volume on lashes.
   For healthy and shiny lashes, it is necessary product.
   For all lashes - Extension lashes, permed lashes, natural lashes.
   No include - harmful ingredients such as Parabens, Triclosan, 
                   Sodium, Lauryl Sulphatem, Phthalates, Oxybenzone, 

4. Silicone Perm Pad
   Silicone pad use to make eyelash curl.
   Attached bottom half along the eyelid and attached to other half 
   with glue.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1. Lash Lift Cream
Speedy type(5ml), Premium type(5ml), Botox cream(10ml)

2. Lash Lift Perm Glue 
Brush Type 5ml, Tube Type 5ml

3. Lash Lift Treatment (5ml)

4. Silicone Perm Pad
Flat Type : s / m / l
Round Type : xs / s / m / l / Xl

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