Kkaemang of Yally Inc.


Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1. Everday Dialog : suitable for baby & child

2. Foreign Language Dialog : available to commonly used expressions(English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

3. Situation Dialog : Please shake or flip over the doll. What does he say?

4. Information Dialog : Please ask the time or the weather. "What time is it?"

5. Play Dialog : Would you try to play the multiplication? Please tell him,"Let's play the multiplication."

6. Sensitivity Dialog : possible to communicate feelings and express emotions through facial expressions

Description of Product

The Dialog Dolls could talk and express emotions with humanity. The Dialog Doll is operated by Smartphone which is connected up with the microphone by wireless or cable. The Dialog Doll helps to improve baby & child's communication skills, the ability to interact with people and sensitivity through voice conversations.