InSwing | Golf Simulator Blockchain of INFOMIND


Description of Product

The Inswing Mini Golf Simulator is a new concept golf simulation game which is equipped with state-of-the-art IT technology to precisely realize all necessary data such as head speed, swing path, angle and ball speed with intuitive 3D visual technology. The Inswing is designed to make it easy for children, beginners and all family members to play golf anywhere. Enjoy your own play whenever you want, wherever you want, and in the field you want regardless of weather and location, no extra golf equipment or expensive membership.

Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Sensor Features
• 12- axis gyro sensor
• Fast response time through real -time data transmission within 0.1ms after swing
• Easy connection to Bluetooth
• Ultra-small sensor with 12g 50mm x 10mm x 10mm
• LED Lamp
• Power Button (reset button)
• USB Micro Charging Port
• Golf Club Replacement Button
  (Field and green movement)