IMC-500 ㅣ Commercial ice making machine of TAECHANG ICE Co., Ltd.


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Description of the Product

This Commercial ice making machine can be used in various places such as hotels, cafes and fast food restaurants with efficient space utilization.

Industrial Ice Maker
- Use pure water instead of water to remove impurities completely without separate filter to produce pure ice
- It uses the same evaporator to produce the same amount of product. It has a higher production rate than other ice makers. 
-sus316 It is economical ice maker because it is durable and hygienic by using evaporator and it can be used semi-permanently because rust does not occur.
- Various uses in aquatic products, food processing, hospitals, building materials (industrial use), ships, etc.
- It is possible to adjust the thickness (It is possible to adjust the volume of ice depending on the application.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

# Crack Ice Ice Maker
- 7-14mm of crushed ice
- Ice thickness can be adjusted according to user's usage
- The shape of ice is natural, so the load on the product is small and it is not sharp.
- Various uses in food processing, fast food, restaurant, industry, and chemistry