Price of the Product

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Technical Details

∙ Size: 380*290*140 (mm)
∙ Weight: 900 g
∙ Composition: Base, Pedal, shaft, spring, pad
∙ Color: Gray   

Description of the Product

FootFit Improve Blood Circulation Foot Footrest Leg Exerciser Carf Mucsle 
Let's send pelvic limb blood to the heart!
Leg workout which can be done unconsciously while working.
Calf exercise equipment that gives the same effect as walking while sitting.

* Function:
-Calf, the second heart, act as a pump that pulls up the blood from lower boday to the heart.
-Peole who sit for long periods of time don't move calf muscle which blocks the blood from going uo to the heart and results in blood pooling.
-Footfit enables you to work and exercise (by seeasw motion of angle) at the same time sedentarily. It makes calf muscle relax and contract which pump in the lower body to the heart and prevent all sorts of blood vessel related diseases.