fg cosworker l eco-friendly cosmetics of FUTUREGATE


Description of the Product

Every product undergoes at least 100 sampling session to be released as a cosworker brand.
The new product, -2C Line is also receiving positive feedback from the market in just six months after launching.
The new products of cosworker, -2C Line, consists of SKIN TONER, SKIN MIST, WATER CREAM , ESSENCE , EYE CREAM , AMPUL , AND MASK PACK.
Cosworker -2c line was created by the research result that when the skin temperature is increased by one degree, the amount of serum is also increased by 10% .
It indicates the significance of the skin temperature affecting the skin condition.
It is designed with the special parent ingredients from JEJU ISLAND as the main component to reduce skin temperature by two degrees.
-2C line is developed and launched with the special and original recipe of cosworker.   

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Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Model Gate Cosworker -2c