fg beauty rub | make up puff of FUTUREGATE


Description of the Product

1. Korea's advanced polyurethane made by years of technology
It's a makeup puff.
2. The cell composition is tight, so when you make up,
it doesn't stick tightly or tightly.
If you compare the existing products, you can feel
the difference in quality with a surface that is unusually dense.
3. Use of high elastic hydrophilic material (high-grade polyurethane)
4. The latest international environmental standard polyurethane material is eco-friendly to the skin and uses low-polar pump material
5. Water makes it bigger and more flexible.
6. Use all 360 degrees of makeup and make-up material for all skin I am doing. 

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

* How to use it: Wash it in lukewarm water for the first time.
After using cosmetics, apply cleansing
foam to lukewarm water.

Category of the Product