Distributed I/O_Machine I/O DS60 Series of RS Automation Co.,Ltd


Description of Product

The Machine I/O, RS OEMax DS60 Series are distributed IO for optimizing system connectionThe DS60 Series are distributed I/O products with the defacto global standard, the DeviceNet  specifications. The DS60 Series allow simple configuration of open type control systems that allows easy integration of multiple systems including PC, PLC and HMI devices.Configure upgraded open type distributed I/O system
-Reduce wirings through single wiring.
-Fast and convenient installation and maintenance
-Multiple vendor compatibility that allows wider range of product selection
-Proven reliability through application in semiconductor/FPD equipmentOptimized solution for device control
-Flexible expandability up to 64 nodes with maximum of 80 points per node
-Diverse I/O types (DC/AC input, Relay, TR, SSR output and Analog I/O)
-Select between T/B terminal and D-SUB connectorAll products are certified to international specifications

Price of Product

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