Bodyreching / OV-1000 of Overtechnology Co., Ltd.


Price of Product

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Technical Details

>> Exercise effect
    • Well-Being healthy diet (relieve your body's fatigue relaxedly)
    • Knee joint Correction = thigh, leg, knee
    • Spine correction = waist, back training
    • Home-Stretching = indoor exercise
    • Physical Functional Improvement
    • Reduce abdominal obesity and diet
    • Improve movement for the Intestine
    • Fatigue recovery
    • Neurological insomnia-relieving effect
    • Strengthen cardiovascular fitness, circulation of the blood

    Description of Product

    Body Exercise Equipment
    (Bodyreching Body exercise equipment have been ergonomically designed, and it based on study of stretching basic posture and yoga posture)

    >> Bodyreching
    This product is exercise equipments for your body's strength and flexibility. A lack of physical activity are known to influence the development of bones, muscle, spinal disease. This products help those people who has underdeveloped heights and vertebral disease. Not only it can relax your muscle, but also improve flexibility, strength and removal of fat.
    Design of product are based on scientific study of the basic posture of stretching and yoga.
    Regardless of age or gender, Anyone can use this products and it designed for aerobic exercise through the repetitive movement of your waist, upper, lower body with lying state.