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Virtual private networks have been used to ensure online privacy for years now. They guarantee such a level of confidentiality for computers and Internet users that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Do you still think VPNs are used only for privacy? This is not entirely true. Discover six reasons for connecting to a VPN that you might have never even suspected.

1.  Watch YouTube, Netflix, and Other Media Resources

Data transfer speed is very important for users, and Internet providers often slow it down. There are even websites that measure the speed index of different web providers.

If you want to know how to watch Netflix via a VPN, you can find guides that will help you through the process of activating and installing a necessary program. 

2.  Play Online Games Without Fear of Speed Reduction From Your Provider

YouTube and Netflix are not the only websites that suffer from the actions of Internet service providers. Online games in streaming video mode, especially if you are not on an unlimited tariff plan, also require high speeds. Using a VPN will not allow your provider to intervene and slow down the speed of the game.

3.  Avoid Eavesdropping

No one wants their private information to get out. If you use your home network or work in the office, eavesdropping is not a problem. However, if you access the Internet from public places such as an airport, hotel or cafe, then trouble may arise. Such connections are not encrypted and are not protected by your personal password. It makes personal information easily accessible for attackers whose purpose is to penetrate your privacy. Using a VPN, you will protect your personal account from hacking.

4.  Free to Watch Television of Other Countries in Streaming Mode

The Internet makes it possible to watch almost all television channels in the world. This means that you can watch original programs from ABC, Discovery Channel, and BBC on your computer, and, in most cases, absolutely free. However, the viewer must be in a country where the TV channel is located. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with vpn-review.com that will make it possible to choose the right option and watch all the channels in the world.

5.  Securely Connect to Any Wi-fi Network

Wi-Fi connections are very vulnerable. They can be hacked at any time. Attackers who try to gain access to your computer or device always exploit weaknesses in IT security. Remember that you can always safely connect to any Wi-Fi using a VPN.

6.  Unlock Social Networks

When it comes to censorship and blocking, social networks suffer the most. For example, one of the countries that block social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is Algeria. Other countries such as China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria regularly block social sites to prevent access to the free flow of information. Using a VPN will help you get around these blocks and will be useful in any country where social networking websites are prohibited.


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