2_Wasabia Shamar Diffuser of Peniel World Co.,LTD


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Description of the Product

00% Spanish dowper oil and patented wasabi oil removes invisible dust and molds in the air and bad odor. You can improve indoor air quality in a short time.

Natural scents of clean cotton, black cherry and bergamot last longer and these scents do not cause headache.  

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Expiration date :  More than 90 days
Volume : 11x13x5.55*5*7, 50ml, 287g
Manufacturer : Peniel World Co., LTD
Main ingredients : Daufer (Spain) Oil, Wasabi Patented Oil, Natural Pigment
Weight  after packing : 0.4kg
standard : 11*13*7cm
HS Code : 3307490000
Cost : 24.68$