2_CHI-101 Handle functional type | laundry dry rack of Chamgil co.,Ltd


Description of the Product

As a product representing laundry nermi, this is a universal laundry drying rack able to
resolve all kinds of big laundry, clothes hanger laundry, small laundry etc.
It can hang out bedclothes laundry as it is fitted with bedclothes ventilation bar.

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Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Model CHI-101
  • Material stainless
  • Color silver
  • Brand NURMI

Technical Details

W:2.2m Ф28mm x 2ea(veranda custom-built minimum length:180cm)/Material: stainless/Color: silver
Maximum 2m(Stature height custom-built)
lifting load Drying bar 20kg/ea /Total 40kg