17_Sperm Whale (Fragrant Dehumidifier) of Peniel World Co.,LTD


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Description of Product

Acquired KC Self-Regulatory Safety Certification
High-functional dehumidifier with dehumidification + deodorant + antibacterial + insect-repellent activities

This dehumidifier can be used all year round, and has strong antibacterial activities. You don’t need to worry about the propagation of bacteria when water is collected in its container. Its insect-repellent activity prevents insects such as silverfish bugs occurring. Wasabia’s patented wasabi oil removes bacteria which cause bad smells and herb extracts make original fragrance lasts long.  

Price of Product

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Technical Details

Expiration date :  2 years
Volume : 15.5x9x10cm, 380g/515ml
Manufacturer : Peniel World Co., LTD
Main ingredients : Wasabi patent oil, calcium chloride, charcoal, herbal extracts, etc.

Vendor SKU : 3824-90-9090-1
Weight  after packing : 0.65kg
standard : 15.5*9*10
HS Code : 3824909090
Cost : 4.11$