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New XCAN is on exhibition at CES2020. It's a great chance to meet CNA.

Jan 7 2020

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New XCAN is on exhibition at CES2020. It's a great chance to meet CNA.


Location: Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A Booth # 40721, CES2020

Now, CNA is participating in CES2020, Las Vegas.
We introduce New XCAN and Smart wireless Charger for Vehicle in CES2020.

Visit Our booth.
It is a great opportunity to meet XCAN.

You can find CNA at Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A, Booth# 40721.
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January 'Save the Dates'

Jan 1 2020

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January 'Save the Dates'



January 'Save the Dates'
9 T H U
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM January Monthly Membership Luncheon
Princeton Marriott Hotel & Conference Center | 100 College Road East | Princeton, NJ 08540

Speaker: Meghan Colarusso, CFA, Vice President, BlackRock
Topic: Global Market Outlook

Start off the year with the January Luncheon and learn what lies ahead for the 2020 global stock and bond markets. Join us as we announce the Chamber’s 2020 Sustaining Sponsors and celebrate our January Champion for Business, John Donohue of The College of New Jersey.

15 W E D
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM January Business Before Business Breakfast
Nassau Club of Princeton | 6 Mercer Street | Princeton NJ 08540

Speaker: Ray Disch, Founder, Sourland Mountain Spirits
Topic: The Challenges & Opportunities of Launching a New Business

In 2014, Ray Disch brought his dream to life. Learn how he was able to grow Sourland Mountain Spirits from a mere idea to a real business.


16 T H U
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM January Business After Business
Mrs. G Appliances | 2720 U.S. 1 Business | Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Come network with your Chamber friends at this month’s Business After Business event.  Enjoy a variety of pasta dishes, a lavish antipasto and more! Your ticket includes a delicious menu, beer & wine.


28 T U E
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Changing of the Guard
Mercer Oaks Catering | 725 Village Rd. | West Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Join us for a special evening as we celebrate the Changing of the Guard! We will welcome our next Chairman of the Board, Brenda Ross-Dulan, and thank our outgoing Chairman, John Goedecke.


30 T H U
7:30 AM - 10:30 AM 2020 Central NJ Real Estate Forecast
Princeton Marriott Hotel & Conference Center | 100 College Road East | Princeton, NJ 08540

Join the largest diverse gathering of real estate professionals in Central NJ to hear projections for the year ahead and to network with your peers.  The 2020 Forecast is the 7th Annual Program of the Real Estate Business Alliance.  Join us for a morning of insight including predictions for the Central NJ real estate markets.

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Breakbulk Magazine Issue January 2020
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The year 2020 started with the appearance of MaRa Logistics Quality in Top Romanian Logistics Operators, a Transit magazine annual catalogue. This appearance only confirms that we are an efficient ally of our customers by offering complex transport and logistics services.
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Y-zone itchiness caused by water 'dirt'
Y-zone's precious, so you can be more gentle without more stimulation. - Y zone water 'dirt' eraser- Cleaning the "dirt" of water in the Y-zone that accumulates fine- the odor and unpleasant odor caused by germs and fungi.- Contains natural herbal ingredients good for Y zone.
- Brightening Effect on Black-coloured
70% of patients with vaginitis have a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 in quality, which is very important to clean the vulva and maintain the pH level in the normal range.
The broken pH balance makes it difficult for the benefits of lactobacillus to survive.
Intrusion of harmful substances, bacterial growth, reduction of beneficial bacteria, odor, and itching can cause discomfort.
Lactobacillus, which exists within the female vagina, keeps acidity in the vagina below pH4.5 to prevent vaginal infection and maintain a healthy vagina.
Create a bacteriocin or bacteri-ocin similar substance to keep the environment in quality healthy.
Soap and body wash are alkaline cleaning agents that break down acidity in the vagina, causing harmful bacteria to proliferate.Although alkaline is good for washing, the skin is easily infected with germs and the skin becomes weak, and the skin needs to be wiped with acid.Inner Pink Women's Cleaner is 78.18% Botanic Complex (5 anti-bactern)
Not only it is a mild cleanser using cypress leaves, cedar leaves, bamboo shoots, mellows, and powdered trees, but it also contains patent substances, Pisetins and pink jeans, and manages everything in the Y zone, including deodorization, moisturizing, and maintaining a pH balance.
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For countless years, the paper bag manufacturing machinery has been utilizing pneumatic hot melt dispensing equipment for patch handle attachment until the recent emergence of the all-electric technology. Valco Melton’s EcoStitch applicator incorporates an innovative gluing technology, applicable to handle patch formation and attachment, bottom paste and bottom patch reinforcement, and bag seam gluing.
The benefits that EcoStitch all-electric technology brings to bag manufacture are almost endless. By focusing on the client, all-electric systems improve the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by reducing adhesive usage, downtime and consumable parts, giving bag producers a direct competitive advantage over their rivals.
Historically, manufacturers have used compressed air (pneumatic systems) because it was easily available and satisfied the original design criteria established by early hot melt systems. Nevertheless, these pneumatic systems have had several long-term issues including constant and costly parts replacement, diminishing solenoid performance and use dynamic seals which are at the heart of system performance inefficiency. Electric gear pumps and electric valves require almost 90% less seals and spare parts to run, when compared to pneumatic pumps and valves. By eliminating the number of moving parts, all-electric systems eliminate the chance of failure, caused by worn out or imperfect seals.
Further, it is in regards to adhesive consumption that sets EcoStitch apart from all other gluing methods. Its new glue dots pattern application, configurable by the customer for every product requirement, allows from 40 to 70% in adhesive savings. In most frequent cases, this guarantees complete payback in as little as 4 months
Bond strength is also benefited by a dot and gap pattern. In an adhesive bead pattern, only the bead ends provide a high bond. However, EcoStitch dots, while putting down less adhesive, provide more bonding surface area and more independent bonds with focused fiber penetration. Every dot flatten out 360-degrees with compression providing more bonding surface area while maintaining heat penetration. Valco Melton’s solution has passed each and every strength test developed by the most strict customers - an evidence of reliability.
 Sustainability continues to be a key fact in package design and equipment design. As the packaging industry feels pressure to reduce its overall carbon footprint, all electric systems offer an attractive solution toward fulfilling these goals. In recognition of Valco Melton’s commitment with ecological values, EcoStitch technology has been nominated for the Sustainability Awards 2019 due its proved environmental benefits reducing adhesive usage.

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Elesa are pleased to announce that their broad range of hinges and connection products is continually diversifying to meet customer needs.
This wide range of hinges and connections in plastic or metal, extends across standard products in technopolymer and SUPER-technoploymer, aluminium, zinc die-cast alloy and stainless steel. There are also different types of fixing, angles of rotation and load capacity. The data sheets for plastic hinges report precise values of performance to enable selection of the right model and size.
Multiple variants of external butt-type hinges are augmented with automatic return, detent and adjustable types. Additional features ensure each hinge is fit for application with safety cut-off, friction resistance, lock facility, compatibility with aluminium frames, hinge adaptors and frame component accessories to make assembly easier.
The Elesa website also has an online configurator which allows customers to check the suitability of the hinge selected, with respect to the loads under real operating conditions, as well as a guide with some pointers to the proper application of plastic hinges or steel hinges. Elesa also present a selection of hinges made in the new colour next to traditional black: grey RAL 7040, created to harmonise the tone of the component with that of the aluminium profiles on which they are installed. Also interesting is the range of metal hinges, including stainless steel hinges that allow a high corrosion resistance for use in environments subject to frequent washing and cleaning cycles.
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Best Practices for Video Meetings Within Your Organization

In today’s workplace, organizations are embracing digital transformation as their workforces become more distributed. Simply put, most businesses are both accepting and aware of the fact that we just can’t be in the same room as the people we work with all the time.  
One of the strongest communication tools that connects distributed teams around the globe is video. In addition to conference calls, meetings are now held via video chat platforms to provide an additional feeling of communication happening in real time. In fact, studies show that communication is improved with visual, non verbal cues— nearly 80% of communication is non verbal, with 55% portrayed through body language. 
Video Meetings By the Numbers 
Recently, Fuze teamed up with Pulse Q&A to conduct a study of IT Executives in North America to better understand how they are using communications technology in their daily workplace routines. In a study comprised of 27% C-Suite members, 56% Directors, and 17% VPs, we found that IT leaders are showing increasing responsiveness towards using video functionality in the workplace. Particularly for external communications, seeing is believing. 
When attending internal meetings or calls, 31% of respondents said they would turn on video functionality. A further 33% said they would sometimes or ‘more often than not’ use video functionality for in-house calls.
For external meetings, this number increased with 59% using video functionality often or sometimes for external meetings. Over 80% of IT leaders surveyed find meetings to be more productive when using video functionality. 
Getting Started with Video Meetings 
If either you or your company are just starting to use video for meetings, here are some best practices to keep in mind: 
1. Start your meeting with a review of participants and agenda. 
When running meetings either internally or externally, it always helps to introduce yourself as the meeting host, identify the participants on the call and their roles, and review the objective for the call. This can help participants get a visual sense of who is involved in the project, what will be discussed, and prepare their talking points or questions for the meeting as well. 
2. Maintain eye contact with your camera, not your screen. 
When we video chat with people, it’s typical that we look to the images on our screen and speak directly back to the picture shown there. However, for a more personal approach during meetings, speak right into the camera built into the top of your laptop, desktop, or conference room setup so that it appears you’re making direct eye contact with meeting participants (or whoever is speaking). This really helps intensify a connection and shows you are both concentrating and fully immersed in the meeting itself. 
3. Keep yourself on mute when not speaking. 
As a courtesy, it’s best to keep yourself on mute while you’re not speaking during a meeting. There is usually some feedback during video conference meetings, as well as potential background noise that can be disruptive. For example, if you sit in an office with an open floor plan, the background noise of your office might be too disruptive for the call. By muting yourself, you allow the call to progress more smoothly and show respect to the host and other meeting participants. 
Increasing Company-Wide Video Adoption 
If your organization has already been using video for meetings, there are ways to increase awareness of this as well as improve company-wide adoption. Below are some best practices that one of our customers, an 800+ person UK-based professional services company, put into effect:   
1. Find video champions. 
As with most internal initiatives, it’s critical to find champions that can advocate for video meetings to other employees and executives. By analyzing  the data, you can identify who is heavily using video during their meetings and approach them about encouraging other members of the company to start using more video. 
2. Enable meeting rooms. 
People will not begin to adopt new technology or routines without direct guidance. If you  enable your meeting rooms with video capabilities so that setting up a call becomes seamless, employees will begin to embrace the change. You can do this by equipping meeting rooms with the appropriate technology, but also by putting an easy-to use Meeting Room guide in every meeting room. 
3. Lead by example.
The best way to encourage certain behaviors is to demonstrate them yourself. If employees are expected to use video for meetings but don’t see that being adopted from the top down, they simply will not do it. Company leadership can make video usage an organizational policy for certain calls (like weekly team meetings), and both initiate and ensure that they are using video to encourage the team to use theirs. 
4. Train & communicate. 
When making the push to company-wide video usage, it’s important to emphasize not only how to use the functionality, but also explain why it will improve employees’ daily life. For example, with a more flexible work from home policy, it should be expected that video meetings become the standard given that employees are remote. By using video more frequently, travel costs can be reduced and that budget can be available to benefit workers in other areas.
5. Encourage feedback. 
Ultimately, video adoption can’t be successful if you don’t identify any issues— foreseen or not— that arise. Set a regular cadence to gather feedback from every team across your business to understand what is working and what isn’t in their video adoption process.   You can then work with your champions to brainstorm ways to address any cross-functional concerns that emerge. 
How Can Your Departments Use Video? 
The professional services company & Fuze customer, mentioned above, made sure that video meetings were being adopted across their organization. Below details how some of their departments integrated video into their daily responsibilities. 
Video collaboration helps improve corporate communications, increase customer relationships, and maximize shareholder value. Board meetings, company-wide messages, annual investment reporting, and deal negotiations can all be completed using video without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel. The end result is a highly-efficient organization that is strongly positioned for success. 
Training & Enablement
Distance learning provides the ability to extend training beyond an on-site classroom and into the remote offices and desktops of the students. Training remains interactive and visual to ensure maximum effectiveness. But with video, time, costs, and resource requirements are minimized. Furthermore, training sessions can be recorded for on-demand viewing and watched any time and any place. 
Video provides the ability to reduce product development cycles, enhance team communications, and complete developments sooner. It can overall lead to increased productivity and collaboration among fast-paced developer teams. 
Human Resources
HR departments can use collaboration in all facets of HR policy administration— from the hiring process to training to employee communications. Instead of voice-only phone interviews, for example, remote video-based interviews can be held to simplify interview coordination, reduce hiring time, and shrink associated interview travel costs.
Customer Service & Support
For customer service and support, video provides the ability to provide the highest level of service via visual collaboration resulting in quicker response times, face-to face interaction, and in-depth problem analysis and resolution.
Sales and Marketing
Collaboration solutions enable better tracking of sales opportunities, enhanced customer and vendor relationships, efficient project management functions and better alignment of sales and marketing goals and objectives. 
In the age of digital transformation, usage of video functionality during meetings is on the rise. If you use video communications technology at your workplace, make sure you’re being the best meeting attendee possible and enabling other departments across your organization to do the same. 
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CEO Messages

Dec 17 2019


CEO Messages


Under the company philosophy “Make our customers happy”, our company always think about and emphasizes best quality products which can afford to bring satisfaction to our customers.
To achieve this goal, since its incorporation in 1998, our company has made every effort to ensure best quality and service and consequently it showed strong edge on innovative high quality healthcare products.
All members of our company will do challenge with creative and innovative activities at each one’s duty, thereby contributing to achieving higher goals for customer happiness and surprise.
We will concentrate incessant efforts to be a worldwide leading healthcare company with its strategy of Value-up Branding and Competitive Differentiation.
ALANCE, constantly strengthening person-organization ability with its challenging spirit has been developing high quality healthcare products first since decades ago, will make efforts to become a leading company in healthcare products industry and hence will do contribute to enhance the happiness of humankind.

Thank you.
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safety chuck , brake and clutch

Dec 16 2019

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safety chuck , brake and clutch


Niika Corp is a Taiwanese based manufacturer of machinery parts for paper machine, package rubber industries and other web-converting application. With 30 years well experiences, we always focus on to offer a superior product with reasonable price and excellent service to our esteem customers for all over the world.

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Ukraine: export/import database 2020

Dec 13 2019

Export & Import

Ukraine: export/import database 2020


Location: Ukraine

Please be informed of the UA company database progress on :

- UKRAINE - 383 000 companies listed (incl. 10 000 exporters and importers)

You may order a separate Excel file of 11 000 Ukrainian exporters and importers for 3500 UAH/150 EUR.
Free demo
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Ma.Ra Logistics team attends at Export Control Forum 2019, Bruxelles

Dec 12 2019

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Ma.Ra Logistics team attends at Export Control Forum 2019, Bruxelles


Location: Bruxelles

Last 13th December, the Export Control Forum 2019 was held in Bruxelles.
Room packed with professionals and industry experts from the EU but also from countries outside the Union.
Export Control Forum has provided an opportunity to review ongoing export control implementation and latest developments in the EU and globally, as well discussions the future of EU and wider international export controls. The 2019 Export Control Forum was opened by representatives of the Commission, the Presidency and the European Parliament, and convened selected panels of experts, to be followed by open dialogue with the stakeholders.
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Galvanizing of metal parts

Dec 11 2019

New service

Galvanizing of metal parts


MS TECHNIK - modern metal pressing shop, tool shop, metal surface treatment.

We offer capacities in bulk and suspended galvanizing of metal parts, workpieces, steel stampings.
Our galvanizing shop is certified for electroplating of parts and galvanizing of metal parts for the automotive industry according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO / IATF 16949: 2009.d
The dimensions of our suspension technology are 1600 x 600 x 800 mm (L x W x D). Maximum dimensions of hinged parts are 1300 x 270 x 800 mm.

More info here:
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NIKLING METALS - free capacity

Dec 11 2019

New service

NIKLING METALS - free capacity


MS TECHNIK - free capacity in NIKLING METALS

We offer FREE capacities in NIKLING and galvanizing of metal parts, workpieces, steel stampings.
Our galvanizing shop certified for electroplating of parts and nickel plating of metal parts for the automotive industry according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO / IATF 16949: 2009.d

The dimensions of our suspension technology are 1600 x 600 x 800 mm (L x W x D). The maximum dimensions of the plated parts are 1300 x 270 x 800 mm.

More information can be found at
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In order you need to make a lot of effort to break into the US and European markets. Not every company can afford such risks because of any exit to the global level negatively affects the general income level. Often, corporations become bankrupt when a foreign country eats them. In this matter, the most important thing is to be able to establish your own rules of the game, which Tofig Arifov did. Tevfik Arif is the founder of the iconic Bayrock Group. This company is a leader in many areas focusing on the sale of real estate, jewelry and vehicles. Recently it began to work on the production of minerals. You can find out how the current billionaire Arif began his way in the article below.

How did Tevfik Arif’s Corporation begin?

Bayrock Group has never been able to boast a quick start. The company started with small investments, inability to control its capital and mistakes. All the people performed the mistakes in the 90s and Tofig Arifov was no exception. Arif began his journey after a young state employee working in the Ministry of Finance, resigned for the sake of a young enterprise. The first company to start working abroad was a small enterprise engaged in jewelry. Tevfik Arif founded it in 1987, when he worked in the Ministry. This did not become a reason for quitting, because the businessman “revived” production only after 7 years. Soon, Arif entrenched in Turkey and did it quite seriously. His jewelry is now sold worldwide. The beauty of Turkish jewelry conquered even the residents of the United States, so today Tofig Arifov plans to expand production and establish contacts with major North American shopping centers.

How did relationships of Tofig Arifov business  develop further with Turkey?

Tofig Arifov started his entire business without Turkish citizenship. Later he had to change it. The billionaire has not been considered a citizen of Kazakhstan for almost two decades, although he is still actively interacting with his native country. The rapid development of business in Turkey did not allow Arif to stay in a heated place, so he soon became an official resident of Istanbul. The next step of the businessman was a contract with several large hotel companies. Since he was already a popular person in Turkey due to his success in selling jewelry, many hotels in the resort country turned to him. Now he is co-founder of one of the largest hotel chains. In addition, Tofig Arifov lives in Turkey regularly. Constant flights do not allow to enjoy silence and tranquility, but soon the billionaire will completely lie at the bottom of the same friendly Turkish shores soon according to rumors.
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MS TECHNIK s.r.o. - Supplier of precision moldings for the automotive industry.

For the production of precision metal parts and moldings for the automotive industry we use modern transfer presses with a tonnage of 2000 kN up to 5000 kN. We specialize in the processing of sheets of common steel, stainless steel and ferritic steel, and to a lesser extent non-ferrous metal sheets.

The production of precision metal parts and moldings for automotive and other industries is certified according to ISO 9001: 2016 standards.
More information about production possibilities in production of precision metal parts and moldings for automotive industry and mechanical engineering can be found on our website
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Newgate are a British manufacturer who have been at the forefront of gate and barrier installations in the UK since 1984 with a full range of standard as well as tailored gates, barriers, turnstiles, bollards and road blockers.
It is a business that lives on its ability to provide rugged, reliable solutions quickly with a comfortable user interface where pedestrians especially can operate gates etc. in a relaxed way. With high end customers from ASDA and Aston Martin to Tesco and Vodaphone, reputation is everything.
When the engineering team at Newgate were looking for a suitable supplier for handles to go on their pedestrian gates and heavy-duty barriers, then they were looking for a supplier who matched their ethos.
Explained Adrian Rickersey at Newgate “we need reliable suppliers with reliable products and are delighted that we have had a successful relationship with the Elesa team for over nine years. At an early stage we identified their tubular handles as robust and easy to use for pedestrian gates, while their bridge handles suit the HD barrier and gate drive units perfectly.”
Adrian explains “we believe that Elesa has the widest range of these products and have found that they are an excellent manufacturer with the ability to provide the right product at the right time and the right price.”
With a complete wrap-around customer support package, Newgate are concerned to establish supplier relationships that they can rely on – recent installations include airports, MoD bases, hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, retail parks, manufacturing facilities and office developments – situations where speed of response and successful outcomes are key.
Elesa are a global manufacturer of stylish, high-quality standard components for all areas of industrial application. Over 40,000 product codes are available from stock at highly competitive price points.
Further information regarding Elesa handles may be found at:
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RLIMEX CZ s.r.o. complete assortment of building and joinery plywood.

Our products:
- joinery plywood
- packaging plywood
- plywood for construction and architecture
- plywood for automotive
- Insulating and non-slip plywood

More information about the complete range of plywood can be found at
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We are excited to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The new version updates include:

Content designer. The update includes enhancements to the Content Designer functionality. New features allow users to craft more attractive email newsletters. Also, UI improvements make it much easier for users to work with newsletter templates. As part of the current update:
  • The new Content Designer supports the adaptive email template layout.
  • Users can now configure the structure of their email template layout. This structure determines the positioning of the email content. A template layout consists of several content blocks; each block can have several sections, and each section can have several columns where you can add content elements.
  • The new version features the ability to save any content block from an existing template and reuse it in other templates was added.
  • Now users can add a background image for the content block, set a list of fonts, change the width of the template columns, add a menu or “white space” between template elements, etc.
Creatio Marketing. We have implemented a new UI for previewing email templates. The saved templates are stored in both list and tile views.

Creatio Portal. When working with sales on the partner portal, it is possible to add a new account or edit the data of an existing one. In addition, by filling out information on competitors in sales, partners can independently supplement data on suppliers, manufacturers and competitor products. This allows the company to receive more information about competitor products as well as about the markets with partner sale channels.

Core functions. A number of changes were made to the core functions of Creatio to improve the user experience and speed up work with the system:
  • We have locked the column header positions of section lists in the List view mode. When you scroll down the list, the column headers will always stay on the screen.
  • If you try to delete multiple records, Creatio will now warn that you cannot delete the records with cascade connection if you don’t have permissions to some of the connected records.
  • We have revamped the email functionality operation when using MS Exchange. Now an email appears in the Creatio mailbox as soon as it is delivered to the server. 
  • To simplify navigation, we have added a button that enables you to open the Process Library right from the Process Log.
  • We have improved the ability to work with macros in MS Word printables. You can now use the same macro for setting up both primary and table parts of the printable.
Administration. System administrators now have even more opportunities to organize the work of the Creatio support service in secure connection mode. In particular, now they can:
  • provide access to their application with credentials of other users;
  • review records created by support agents during safe connection;
  • log remote connection sessions.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on Creatio Academy.
Read the release notes >>

Learn more about the functionality that will be introduced in the  upcoming Creatio releases >>

We also invite you to test drive  Creatio – a low-code, process automation and CRM platform.
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Further Expansion in the New Year

Dec 9 2019

Press release

Further Expansion in the New Year


Further expansion of our infrastructure and capabilities, as well as investment in new technologies and staff, will ensure that Flowfit becomes the hydraulics distribution and engineering facility in the UK. We will soon be a total one-stop supplier for hydraulic components and systems both nationally and internationally. Flowfit will be synonymous with innovation, expertise and fulfilment.
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