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Peter Franssons Snickeri AB

Kråksjö nyalund
36053 SKRUV

Company information Peter Franssons Snickeri AB


Peter Fransson Snickeri AB offers contract manufacturing of wood products and furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, chests for homes and public spaces.

We drive pine furniture to our furniture stores around the country. We run various components to customers, both milling and painting. We also manufactures and supplies furniture to Sweden's refugee facilities. We also have a new modern paint line at 60 meters where we have plaster, UV rollers, paint sanding, spray booth and drying.

General Information

Year established 1986
Corporate capital 100,000 SEK
Type of company Head Office
VAT SE556287111001
Fax +46 478 210 40
Website http://www.pfsnickeri.se


  • Swedbank


Area : Central Asia, Asia-Pacific, West. Europe

Key figures Peter Franssons Snickeri AB


  • Company

    15 Employees


  • 2017

    12,796,000 SEK

  • 2016

    22,362,000 SEK

  • 2015

    15,106,000 SEK

Executives Peter Franssons Snickeri AB

Executive information

Kurt Peter Stefan Fransson

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Eva Liselott Kristina Fransson

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Charlotte Fransson

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Ekonomi)

Peter Fransson

Purchasing Director/Manager (Inköp)

Peter Fransson

Sales Director/Manager (Försäljning)

Peter Fransson

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)