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LABARA s.r.o.

Jindřichov 20 (areál ZD)
595 01 Velká Bíteš
Czech Republic

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Company information LABARA s.r.o.


Processing of plastic materials and electric insulating materials:
- CNC machining and sawing of electroinsulating materials, technical plastics, polycarbonates
- machining of electric insulating materials and composite materials (drilling, milling, grinding boring, etc.)
- machining of plastic boards and sections up to the dimensions of 1300 x 3000 mm
- moulding of electric insulating materials, plastic materials
- plastics for food industry, plastics for electronic and electrotechnical industry, plastics for chemical industry
Commercial activities – materials for electrical engineering
- laminated insulators and electrically insulating materials, plastics for food industry, plastics for electronic and electrotechnical industry, plastics for chemical industry
- polyester and epoxide boards, high-temperature and fire resistant materials
- plastic boards, rods, tubes, angle bars, sections
- thermo insulating panels for injection moulding machines, for insulation of tire industry molding machines, insulating tubes
- special reinforced panels, for electric motors,traction motors and generators, panels of technical cement
- insulation PVC, glass fiber tubes silicone, acrylate, polyurethane, hollow sections of polyester and glass
- special reinforced boards, soldering boards, solder masks, Solder Pallet, solderable board material CBC, CAS
- banding and slot insulation, banding glass tape (equivalent of Polyglass) DMD, NMN, NOMEX, KAPTON, POLYIMID
- technical insulating strings, cotton, polyester, glass insulating string
- cotton and polyester tapes and tubes, glass hollow section
- electrically insulating adhesive tapes, PET tapes laminated by nonwoven material or paper, tapes based on mica paper, glass adhesive tapes, teflon adhesive tapes, Kapton adhesive tapes, Nomex adhesive tapes
- fiberglass fabrics for laminates production as a construction material, glass yarns
- mica insulations and boards, shapeable mica materials, pressed, moulded, flexible mica materials,
mica materials for cable industry
- wires and cables, wires for winding
- enamelled round copper wires, copper rectangular and round wires mica isolated, enamel insulated,
enamel and glass insulated, insulated by Nomex, insulated by Kapton
- profiled aluminum and round wires mica iinsulated, enamel insulated, enamel and glass insulated, insulated by Nomex, insulated by Kapton
- bare Cu profiles and wires,soft, semi-hard, hard
- power and high-voltage cables, electrical distribution conductors
- flexible cables, cables for automobiles, communication cables, telecommunication cables
- veiled (clutter) mats, surface non-woven fabrics, nonwoven vlies for composits
- electrically insulating strings (cotton, glass, polyester strings)
- tapes for electrical engineering (glass, polyester, cotton tapes)
- copper and aluminium wires for winding (rectangular and round, enamelled wires for winding)
- special materials for composites, surface mats of synthetic fibers
Non-ferrows metal Al, Cu maschining
- CNC non-ferrows metal milling, turning and sawing
- non-ferrows metal conventional maschining (turning, sawing)
- non-ferrows metal drilling, milling and turning
- metal surface finishing (galvanizing, nickel-plating, silvering)

General Information

Year established 1995
Corporate capital 140,000 CZK
Type of company Head Office
VAT CZ25555308
Fax +420 566 533 111
Website http://www.labara.cz http://www.labaracables.cz





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Area : West. Europe, Central/East Europe, Asia-Pacific
Country : Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Belarus, Russian Federation


Area : West. Europe, Central/East Europe
Country : Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Russian Federation


  • Type:

    ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009

  • Type:

    UL certificate TEOU2.E360801 Repackaged Recognized Components

Key figures LABARA s.r.o.


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    181 Employees


  • 2017

    517,052,000 CZK

  • 2016

    568,018,000 CZK

  • 2015

    705,111,000 CZK

  • 2014

    580,386,000 CZK

  • 2013

    541,931,000 CZK

  • 2012

    582,889,000 CZK

Executives LABARA s.r.o.

Executive information

Pan Radomír Holík

Principal Executive/Proprietor (Jednatel, společník)

Pan Oskar Mühlhansl

Principal Executive/Proprietor (Prokurista, společník)

Ing. Robert Konečný

Export Director/Manager (Zahraniční obchod)

Pan Michal Káňa

Departmental Director/Manager (Vedoucí oddělení Vrstvené izolanty, zahraniční obchod)

Pan Michal Babák

Sales Director/Manager (Vedoucí prodeje výroby)

Ing. Jana Melicharová

Production Director/Manager (Ředitelka výroby)

Pan Jiří Suk

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Hlavní ekonom)

Activities LABARA s.r.o.

Secondary activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

Other classifications (for some countries)

NACE CZ (CZ 2008) :
Velkoobchod s ostatními stroji a zařízením (4669)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Wholesale of other machinery and equipment (4669)
NACE CZ (CZ 2008) :
Obrábění (2562)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Machining (2562)
NACE CZ (CZ 2008) :
Nespecializovaný velkoobchod (4690)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Non-specialised wholesale trade (4690)
Wholesale of other machinery and equipment (4659)
Treatment and coating of metals; machining (2592)
Non-specialized wholesale trade (4690)

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