Hwangsuyeon Traditional Food

A company making safe food for my family and my child to believe and eat.

75, Godo-gil, Geumma-myeon, Iksan-si
Jeollabuk-do 74572
South Korea

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Soybean paste, Soy sauce, Black bean Chongkukjang powder, Cheonggukjang, Mixed grain powder, Organic soybean paste

#Company Introduction
Hwang Soo-yeon traditional food is making safe food for my family and my child to believe and eat. We produce and sell our own soy sauce, soy sauce, hot pepper paste, and Cheonggukjang which grows in yellow clay. We are endeavoring to reward customers'love with quality by receiving various certifications such as traditional food quality certification, organic processed food certification,HACCP and ISO22000

- 4 Brothers and sisters Countryside miso: You can feel the handmade by your mother in your home country as it is made with pure traditional method which does not add any preservatives, artificial seasonings and so on. I did not inject Hwang Kuk-gyun, I put rice straw on it and made meju by Bacillus, and aged in a jarfor over a year. The raw materials are only used domestically, and they are purchased at the contract farmhouse by checking the quality directly. You can enjoy delicious miso soup and miso soup. In 2010, we acquired the certificate of traditional food quality.

Features of our's Doenjang (soybean paste)
You can choose different kinds of Doenjang (soybean paste) depending on your mouth taste in HWANG SOO-YEON TRADITIONAL FOOD.

1 ~ 2 years aged Doenjang (soybean paste)
Product Title: Si-Gol Doen Jang (Countryside soybean paste)
I made a selection of beans that do not use herbicides.
You can tell how much you have used herbicides by eating the nectar directly with your mouth.
Beans grown with herbicides are bitter.
Please enjoy with confidence.

3 years aged Doenjang (soybean paste)
Product Title: Yoo-Gi Doen Jang (Organic soybean paste)
I made it directly by farming.
It is a miso containing miso made with soybean which is raised by hand and managed by hand.
I received organic processing certification for food.
We introduce miso which is good for health.

General Information

Year established 2010
Co.Registration No 403-81-57394
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 63 835-5440

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Suyeon Hwang

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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