56-14, Hoehak 3-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun
Ulsan 44992
South Korea

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Founded in 2000, DAEMI strives for quality in technology, manufacturing excellence, customer service. Also, DAEMI is aware of the importance of environment protection. As a responsible and innovative company, DAEMI is committed to achieving the highest and long-lasting satisfacti such as water-based adhesive, anti-rusting inhibitor, scattering dust prevent and supply release agents, chemical products and specialty polyurethane products.
Polyurethane mats and headliners for automobile are specialized for drivers recently in DAEMI. As automobiles interior material, polyurethane can reduce crumpling of the product from a long-term use and maintain a good quality for a long time. It also provides a fresh atmosphere inside car.

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- Water-based adhesive, eco-friendly adhesive, Adhesives, polyurethane, Anti-rusting Inhibitor, Scattering Dust Prevent, Chemical Products, Specialty Polyurethane Products, Automobiles Interior Material, Polyurethane

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  • Ha Soo Kim

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