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Callo Sintermetall AB

Poppelg 15
57139 NÄSSJÖ

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Callo Sintermetall AB is a major suppliers of sinter metals and structured parts like suspensions, shoulder rings, filters, pemanent magnets, metal parts. We can deliver both standard products as well as customized products designed according to our customer's drawings.

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General Information

Year established 1975
Corporate capital 100,000 SEK
Type of company Head Office
VAT SE556191336801
Fax +46 380 193 76
Website http://www.callo.se


  • Callo 

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Area : West. Europe


Area : North America, West. Europe, Central/East Europe
Country : United States


  • Type:

    ISO 9001:2000

  • Type:

    ISO 14001

Key figures Callo Sintermetall AB


  • Company

    34 Employees


  • 2017

    67,270,000 SEK

  • 2016

    60,419,000 SEK

  • 2015

    60,823,000 SEK

Executives Callo Sintermetall AB

Executive information

Olof Andréas Krona

Chairman (Styrelseordförande)

Karl Johan Krona

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Samuel Oskar Krona

Director (Styrelsemedlem)

Andreas Krona

IT Director/Manager (IT)

Andreas Krona

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Ekonomi)

Andreas Krona

Purchasing Director/Manager (Inköp)

Andreas Krona

Sales Director/Manager (Försäljning)

Johan Krona

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

Activities Callo Sintermetall AB


  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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