KT Center 3F, 168 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon 34129
South Korea

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Manufacture & Export of

The Antenna,circuitry electronic components,Multi-Band/Wide Band Antenna.

# Main product
1) antenna
2) circuitry electronic components

# About Bluewavetel Co., Ltd.
Bluewavetel provides competitiveness in industry-leading wireless system technologies and services through cutting edge antenna technology. Its business fields are Customized Antenna including, but not limited to, Array Antennas for 5G Reapeter and Base Station, Advanced Antenna Technologies for IoT, WiFi, PLPWA, ETCS, GNSS and UWB, Flat Plate Array Antenna for Satellite Service, Broadcast Reception Antenna and Multi-Band/Wide Band Antenna.

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  • Jaekwon Ha


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