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Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute - KEITI

01. Handok Clean Tech Co., Ltd._Carbon Block Filter, Carbon Block, Compressed, Water, Filter, Chlorine, CTO, VOC, Lead, Arsenic, Removal, Filter for Water Purifier, Carbon Filter, Carbon Water Filter, Carbon Block Water Filter, Carbon Water Filter System, Water Carbon Filter, Carbon Water Filter Cartridge, Carbon Block Water Filter Systems 02. Hyundai Wacortec_Ultra Pure Water System, Water Treatment, Pure Water System, RO Water Purification System, Reverse Osmosis, Water Purifier, Purified Water, Pure Water Machine, Pure Water Purifier, Pure Drinking Water, Pure Water Filters, Water Purifier System, Water FiltrationSystem 03. Sangwoo precision Co., Ltd._Air Purifier, Wooden Air Purifier, Air Cleaner, Home Air Purifier, Air Filtration System, Home Air Filters, Air Filter, Air Purifier for Home, Portable Air Purifier,Air Purification, Air Purification System 04. AIRTEC Co., Ltd._AirPurifier, e-nano film filter, Air Cleaner, Home Air Purifier, Air Filtration System, Home Air Filters, Air Filter, Air Purifier for Home,Portable Air Purifier, Air Purification, Air Purification System 05. Shinhan Wallcoverings Co., Ltd._Interior Material, Wallpaper, Wallcoverings, Damask Wallcoverings, Flower Wallcoverings, Modern Wallcoverings, 3D Wallcoverings, Three-dimensional Wallcoverings, Home Wallpaper, Kitchen Wallpaper, Bathroom Wallpaper, Nature Wallpaper, Bedroom Wallpaper, Modern Wallpaper, Living Room Wallpaper, 3d Wallpaper, WallCovering, Designer Wallpaper, Commercial Wallpaper 06. T.P.M Co., Ltd._Wallpaper, Wall Graphic, Wall Mural, Printing Paper, Wall Cover, Inkjet Media, Inkjet Paper, Wall Mural, Interior Decoration, Home Wallpaper, Kitchen Wallpaper, Bathroom Wallpaper, Nature Wallpaper, Bedroom Wallpaper, Modern Wallpaper, Living Room Wallpaper, 3d Wallpaper, WallCovering, Designer Wallpaper, Commercial Wallpaper 07. KDF Co., Ltd._Vinyl Tile, Plastic Flooring, Tile, Flooring, Floor Tiles, Tile Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Tile Flooring, Floor Tiles, Vinyl Floor Tiles 08. Jae Youn Chemical Co., Ltd._PVC Flooring, Flooring, PVC Floor Covering, Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Floor Covering, Residential Flooring, Plastic Floor Tiles, PVC Vinyl Flooring, PVC Floor Tiles, PVC Tiles 09. Homeive_Eco-friendly Paint, Self-interior, DIY, Water-based Paint, Kids Room, Radioactivity, Atopy, Eco-friendly, Heavy metal, Eco Paint, Baby Safe Paint, Green Paint, Environmentally Friendly Paint 10. BNB Corporation_Preventing Corrosion, Ceramic Coating Material,Anti-corrosion, Repairing Material, Liquid Coating Material, InteriorPaint 11. Irea Chemical Enterprise_Paint, Raw Chemical Materials, Natural Paint, Varnish, Eco-friendly Chemical, Glue, Urethane, Epoxy, Resin, Eco Paint, Green Paint, Environmentally Friendly Paint 12. CONPOTECH Co., Ltd._Food Waste Disposal, Food Waste Collection,Commercial Food Waste Collection, IT controlled food waste system, Odorless, Recycling, Waste Management, Food Waste Solutions, Food Recycler, Food Waste Recycling, Food Waste Management, Food Waste Bin 13. HALLA CHEMICAL_Pavement materials for antiskid, Anti-skid, Non-slip, MMAResin, Paint, Flooring, Anti-slip, Non-slip Flooring, Non-slip Material, Anti-slip Material, Non-slip Coating, Anti-slip Flooring, Anti-slip Coating, Anti-slip Products 14. DOORI FILTER SYSTEM_Water Filter, Oil Filter, Diatomite, Liquid Filter, Diatomite Filter, Precoat, Precoat Filter 15. NEINTERNATIONAL_Eco-friendly Tableware, Baby Tableware, Baby Tray, Baby Cup, Baby Fork, Baby Bowl, Eco-friendly Baby Tableware, Baby Plates, Baby Plate Set, Toddler Plates, Baby Dishes, Baby Utensils, Baby Spoons, Baby Plates and Bowls, Kids Tableware 16. Greenact World Co., Ltd._Engine Oil Additives, Anti-freeze, Deodorization, Smoke Reduction, Oil Additives, Engine Oil Treatment, Engine Additives, Best Engine Oil Additive, Engine Treatment, Motor Oil Additives 17. The Rope Co., Ltd._Natural Fiber, Handkerchief, Pyjamas, Sleepwear, Bib, Towel, Mask 18. Hojeong Industry Co.,Ltd_Vegetation mats, Non-woven Fabric, PLA Biodegradable Vegetation Block, COIR Vegetation Mats, JUTE Vegetation Mats, PLA Vegetation mats, Biodegradable Block, PLA Non-woven Fabric 19. Biorin Ltd._Waterless Urinal, Urinal, Water-free Urinal, Smell-free Urinal, WC, Toilet Urinal, Environmental Friendly Urinal, Economic Urinal, Men's Urinal, Male Urinal, Waterfree Urinal, Men Urinal 20. KORBI Co., Ltd._BOD Analyzer, Biochemical Oxygen Deman, BOD, Water Monitoring, Water Quality, Electrochemical COD Analyzer, Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD, TN Analyzer, Total Nitrogen, TN, TP Analyzer, Total Phosphorus, TP, TOC Analyzer, Total Organic Carbon, TOC, Phosphate-Phosphorus Analyzer, Phosphate+Phosphorus, PO4-P, Ammonia Analyzer, Ammonium nitrogen, NH3-N, TOX/BOD System, Toxicity 21. Daros Co., Ltd._Faucet, Shower Bar, Sanitary ware, Bath, Toilet, Kitchen, Bathroom Faucets, Shower Faucet, Bathroom Sink Faucets, Sink Faucets 22. ENBIOCONS Co., Ltd._Sludge Dryer, Sewage Sludge, ETV, Environmental Technology Verification, Sludge DryerSystem, Sludge Drying Technology, Sludge Treatment, Sewage Treatment Process, Sludge Dewatering 23. FORCEBEL Co., Ltd._Waste Treatment, WasteManagement, Landfill Waste Sorting System, Sustainable Landfill Reclamation, Mechanical Biological Treatment, Waste Disposal, Waste Treatment Plant, Recycling 24. CERACOMB_Catalytic Converter, Ceramic Honeycomb, Automotive Catalyst, Automotive Emission Treatment System, Universal Catalytic Converter, Ceramic Bearings, Converter for Car 25. HYORIM INDUSTRIES Inc._Wastewater Treatment System, PortableWater Treatment, Sewage Water Treatment, Water Treatment, WastewaterTreatmentPlant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Process 26. Daeyang Environment Co., Ltd._RTO, RCO, CRTO, FRTO, CFRTO, EnergyRecovery Technology, VOCs 27. CSA COSMIC CO., LTD._PDF Water Tank, PE Lining, PDF Livestock Excretion Tank, Circular Manhole Mold, PE Ladder, PE Waterlight Belt, Geotextile Tube, TPO Waterproof Sheet, Battle Wall, Perforated Wall, Partition Wall, GRF Paddle, Interior Battle, Fiber Optic Cable Tube, Water Treatment 28. DASAN CONSULTANTS_Environmental Consulting, Water Supply, Sewage System, Water Quality, Air Quality,Solid Quality, Solid Waste Disposal, Noise Pollution 29. CHUNGSOOTECHNOFIL_Liquid Filtration System, Fluid Management, Filter Cartridge, Membrane Filter, Special Size Filter, Filter for High Viscosity, Concentration Liquid, Capsule Filter, Bag Filter 30. KOENG_Automotive Service Equipment, Garage Equipment, Commercial Vehicle,Car Lift, Wheel Aligner, Wheel Balancer, Tire Changer, Lubrication Equipment, ATFChanger, A/C Service Equipment, Welding Machine, Battery Tester, Brake Lathe, Common Rail Diesel Solution, Gas Analyzer and Opacity Meter, Vehicle Test Line Equipment, Garage Jack, Car Mat Cleaner,Steam Washer 31. JINYANG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd._Automatic Weather System, AWS, Road Weather Information System, RWIS, Aviation Meteorological Observation System, AMOS, PAWS, Upper-Air Weather Observation System, Radiosonde, Ubiquitous Sensor Network, USN, Satellite Transmitter, Meteorological System 32. DONGIL MT_Diaphragm Metering Pump, Diaphragm Dosing Pump, Electro Servo Unit, Plunger Dosing Pump, Flat Valve Dosing Pump, Compact Disphragm Dosing Pump, Air Chamber 33. KYOUNGSUNG INDUSTRY Co._Cut Wire, Shot Ball, Die Casting, Surface Treatment 34.ECOSENSE_Energy Monitoring System, Multi Wattmeter, GHG Inventory System, Greenhouse Gas, Watt Meter, Wattmeter 35. CK World_CK Injector, Bag Filter Clogging, Bag Filter, Bag Filter System, Dust Filter 36. ECOZONE_Dishwashing, Detergent-free, Shower Head, Washing Ball,Dishwasher Filter, Dishwasher Detergent, Dish Detergent,Dishwasher Soap, Eco Wash Balls 37. ATE_Bio-gas Purification, Ozonolysis, Desulph, Biogas Purification System, Biogas Purification Plant 38. BOKJU CO.,LTD_Water Tank, Chemical Tank, Waterproof Lining, Water Storage Tanks, Water Storage Containers, Water Containers, Water Cistern 39. ECOPRO Co.,Ltd._Air Pollution Prevention Facilities, Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR, VOC Removal Facility, VOC Treatment, ChemicalFilter 40. KwangShin Machine Ind. Co., Ltd._Compressor, Reciprocating Type Compressor, CNG, Dispenser, Storage Cylinders 41. DS21Co., Ltd._Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Storm Water Treatment, Sewage, Sanitary, Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Multi MediaFilter, Nutshell Filter, Oil Skimmer 42. Jungil Machinery_Crusher, Moulding Press, Shredder, Ripping Shredder, Jaw Crusher, Crusher Machine, Rock Crusher, Cone Crusher 43. DUKSAN CO.,LTD_Waste Organic Solvent, Organic Solvent, Waste Solvent Refinery, Solvent, Organic Chemistry 44. PPI Pipe System_PVC Water Pipe, SewagePipes, DH2040 Pipes, Fire Sprinkler Pipes, DC sewage tubes 45. Royal Precision Co._Seperating Decanter Centrifuges, Thickning DecanterCentrifuges, Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges, High-efficiency Screw Press, Drum type Thickener, Environment Related Equipment, Decanter 46. ANT21 Co.,Ltd._Biological Wastewater Treatment System, Sewage Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment Plant 47. LG_Membrane Filtration, Total Water Solution, Hollow Fiber Membrane, Flat Sheet Membrane, Water Membrane, Waterproofing Membrane 48. MICROFILTER Co., Ltd._Water Filtration, Refrigerator Water Filter, Filter Cartridge, Water Filter Cartridge,Water Purifier, Water Purification, Water Filtration System, Pure Water Filter 49. JoongAng Environment & Machines Co., Ltd._Air Pollution Prevention, Deodorization System 50. Korea Water Technology Inc._Electro-osmosis, Dehydrator, Sludge Treatment Equipment, Wastewate

  • Die-casting, continuous and injection casting machinery and equipment
  • Testing equipment for the chemical industry
  • Detectors, volatile organic compounds (VOC)...
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