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Ceiling lights, high CRI, architectural led lighting, luxury led lighting, retail led light, mill-works lighting, chandelier, pendant lighting, kitchen lighting, lighting, bathroom lighting, ceiling light fixture, kitchen ceiling lights, led ceiling lights, hanging lights, High CRI, Retail LED Light, Luxury LED Light, R9, Architectural LED Light. # Company Introduction People find the nightscapes around them created by illuminated building facades.These facades facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building facades need to create added value for local authorities or have architectural or economic merit by making a location more beautiful and safer, showing a building off in the right light or getting a positive corporate image across. Achieving this demands great aesthetic design sensibility. Nowadays, however, lighting solutions also need to be sustainable, save resources and prevent unnecessary light pollution. aSKa is able to reconcile all these factors. with a range of luminaires that are specially adapted to cope with demanding lighting tasks. aSKa emotional lighting solutions shape a building's architecture and accentuate details in a multifaceted manner by directing light very precisely. These luminairesalso cut energy consumption thanks to the use of high CQS_R9 (>80) LEDs. This enables aSKa to strike a balance between cultural aspirationsand the need to use resources responsibly. Intelligent lighting control systems supplement lighting, turning it into a complete solution that meets any requirements –from discreetly illuminated memorialsthrough to facades that carry media messages. # Main Products LED Light (ROBETO_12-22W/ROMEO_12-22W/RAPAL-TRIO CARDAN 84W/WITO_12-22W /LAPINO_22W/COCO_2.4W/LAPINO_22W/POLEO/CRONO_01/CRONO_06/VEX/TINO) # Catalogue # Video

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