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mental health, healing, stress, concentration, EMDR, eye movement, meditation , sleep, mind training, Stability of mind, Respiration, Brain activity, Quality of life, Happiness #Company Introduction �� Our company is to contribute happy andhealthy life through stability of mind. �� Human life is enjoyable to live and helps each other to comfort others. 2006: Development started at a special operation division in Boseong Construction. 2007: Breath control device, applied for an international invention patent 2008: Breath control device, VitalAire, registered as a patent (No. 10-0873446) 2009: Psychotherapy device, Ice can, registered as a patent (No. 10-0902610) / certified by ISO9001 (Quality Management System) 2010: HumanLine Corporation established an affiliated laboratory and registered as a trademark / Registered at FDA of United States and as a venture business 2011: Certified by ISO14001 (Environment Management System) / Started to develop new products for smartphones 2012:Psychotherapy device, Ice can, new integral product��s release began 2013: Chosen a grand prize of humanities in Republic of Korea / Started overseas export to Japan, United States, China and etc. 2014: Won a ��Minister of health and Welfare�� award / launched a home shopping Established Mental Doctor��s contents download center 1.The Corporation with Reliable ProfitModel �� Suitable products for contemporary mental health flow beyond the well-being and through the healing �� The reasonable portfolio, consisting contents based services and product distributions. �� The creation of various revenue sources (Various media, events, charged contents) 2.The company that has outstanding contents and products �� Our company has competitive unrivaled contents' know-how in worldwide but other companies cannot handle it. �� The distribution of specialized products in lifestyle according to100-year-age period of aging �� A unique self-management prevention system in accordance with the analysis of measurement. 3.The company that has visions and the future �� The first corporation that leads the trend of mental health care (The first specialized corporation in mental health) �� The strong future value of a brand, based on own company's contents, products, and services. (Charged contents) �� With each country's emotional marketing such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and more, our corporation is certain in global value. (Possessing copyrights over the world) ♦Due to increasing national demand caused by the aging population and ��the health��, social interest is proliferating. 830;Through margin of life (Well-being) and importance of emotions(Healing), trend of life regards quality of life (Mental Health) as important ◦Business Title ◦ The family��s Mental Health Wellness, Home Care ��Mental Doctor�� Words of healing and well-being are familiar words. Due to MV Sewol incident and other big accidents of the Republic of Korea, generic terms of trauma, injury, depression, and anxiety have become life in wordsthat everyone uses. Social losses from the future mental health are exceeding physical diseases. Since 11 years ago, mental doctor has anticipated the flows in Republic of Korea��s mental market and has walkedonly one way to contribute to mental market, and we have created creative/innovative products in a high percentage of completion as a smallbusiness. 1) As a necessity for people and ��entrusting with heart�� as a doctor in my hands, we would love to make a wellness role. 2) With a participation in ��Creating a happy country�� that do not choose to die and a participation in our fixed profits, we would love to be in the forefront of social contribution for a neglected class of people and neighbors who have difficulties. 3) With our mental healthcare, we would like to settle as a specialized company of mental health, where takes responsibilities for mental health. #Main Product The MB-200 is a product that is built in the body of the device and wireless connects to a smart phone to listen to the contents and exercisethe eyeball. The content is played in a dedicated application of the smart phone by the streaming method in the content server, and you canuse the Light Bar with 118 LED to make eye movements while watching the light and listen to the contents by using the built-in speaker or earphone. ��Leg type with a shape of goggle, and the most light and simple design. ��Web server streaming used by downloadingan application. ��Streaming service used by connecting the smartphone with the device through Bluetooth. Preferred by young people. ��Leg Type is simple and light, so it is preferred by students including children

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