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pipe, multi joint, distributor, circle box, open wbox, etc, coll&hot water supply/heating roll pipe, heating pipe roll, heating pipe straight, double pipe, lagging, frameroof, tissue holder box, flush distributor box, #Company Introduction This is Yoon Jin-geun, CEO of Saerom Tech Co., Ltd. We are producing and supplying high quality piping materials as raw material of BASELL, the first developer of PB-1 in the world. We have obtained the utility model patent No. 20-044383 for the first time in Korea. All employees of Saerom Tech Co., Ltd. are developing and producing eco-friendly products for the 21st century's global era, and strive to provide the best service and quality to our customers. SaRom Tech Co., Ltd. has been awarded KS, KC certification and ISO 9001, 14001 certification and has been certified by the technology of venture company, selling it at home and abroad and expanding its sales network in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Saraom Tech Co., Ltd. promises to be a leading company that adapts to changes and always leads the future through the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products with the best quality management. Thank you. #Main Products - PB PIPE - PE-RT PIPE - PB Joint - PB Distribution #Strength - PB pipe extrusion technique - PB Connection Injection Technology - Fabrication and repair of extrusion, injection molds - Production of all piping materials (pipe, connections, distributor, double-tube, conduit, etc) - Production of a 10 to 10 whole body divider without fusion - Development of Hwangdongdae system using CF (carbon fiber) - Securing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) Formation Technology - Securing PB Fire Piping and Connection Technology Using GF (Glass Fiber) - World's best PB 40mm or more and can produce 300m rolls #Video #Catalogue

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#Company Introduction GNV CO.,LTD has invented electric floor heater, Ondol is Korean traditional heating system and is traditionally floor heater by fire and use to cook at the same time. Our innovation provides customer quality life at home as well as any inside area such as accommodations, public offices, church and etc. Furthermore, innovation prevents road freezing when it installs underfloor road. By comparison existing floor heaters, this innovation can be differentiated outlook, materials and performance. Specially, high temperature as 100~130 degree reaches within 10 minutes and strong durability with stainless steel appearance can be blocked cold damage or broken heaters in winter time, Also, floor heating gives users pleasant feeling therefore they may relax more comfortable. #Company Introduction DAEHO COOLER, we have been loved by our customers by manufacturing and providing the cooling water cooling equipments which are indispensable for all the areas ranging from cooling device for laboratory and experimental equipment to overall industries. Our company has devoted our best efforts and has studied ever with the mind to produce the best and the highest quality of cooling water cooling equipments. So, we have lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years. #Company Introduction It is Popping sound in the Kunzip barn that has been researching and developingrice puffs machine for 30 years. Wellbeing nutritional snacks with low-calorie for our family. It is easy to use with the development of new technology. (Easily removable and easy to clean.) It is a multi-functional rice snack machine that makes all rice and grains all over the world as snack. Even with the differ kinds of grains, you can easily make snacks with an automatic temerature controller. #Company Introduction Rinas Daesung Co., Ltd. is a Kitchen utensil specialized company that manufacturers and distributes products by Researching & Developing the ones that are fit to Korean Kitchen Culture. With managerial philosophy of " Pursing Quality with Top Priority". With such effort, Rinas products selected as an " Outstanding Item from Ministry of National Defense and and Public Procurement Service of Korean Government. We will make our best effort to become the global top company by upmost quality and leading revolution with new ideas.

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Manufacture & Export of Air handling unit Air conditioner - Constant temperature and humidity controlled to appropriate space, and remove dirt in the air. Constants temperature and humidity chamber - High-precision temperature and humidity control equipment Aiworkers entering the clean room without time consuming and counterproductive decontamination delays. It is able to remove particles on the surface speedy and powerfully. Showering Pass Box - This type of Pass Box design consists of Interlocking system. HEPA filter, fan and roller conveyer(optional). Transportation of materials can be done by these units with maximum protection from contamination. ICR(INDUSTRIAL CLEAN ROOM) - For the 21st century's ICR, semi-conductor, precision machine, optical machine, magnet tape, film for photo, instant food manufacture & packing, special printing ICT require different clean class. It is necessary to organize control zone,semi-clean zone and clean zone in entire facility so that dust particles can't enter clean room, In the zone, air distribution should be prevented between spaces by allowing entrance through air shower or passbox and damper should be used to prevent back flow of air and maintain clean class effectively BCR(BIO CLEAN ROOM) - Pharmaceutical company, basic research laboratory, animal experiment facility, hospital operating room and meat processing facility should performmanufacture according to GMP about medicine manufacture and quality control (food hygiene). Further more, bio clean room facility is essential to meet GMP requirement for developiing medicine. GLP and animal experiment room - Animal experiment facility is the onefor nurturing, storing and experimenting animal so it should conform to GLP(Good Laboratory Practice)/ GLP is the standard to secure reliance of non-clinical toxic test to check safety of medicine. It is the regulation to systematically control all affairs related with test procedure such as test organization facility & device, test plan performance, test material & control material, test operation, report prepatration and storage. GMP - It is the standard to manufactur

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DongHwa Entec

Introduction Since DongHwa Entec was established in 1980, the company has progressed in a professional manufacturer of heat exchangers for marine, powerplant, land industrial field and Charged Air Cooler for Diesel Engineand also was appointed as only one special manufacturer of marine equi products for Marine is Air Cooler for Main Engine, Fresh Water Generator, Plate Heat Exchanger, Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger, Vacuum Condenser, Drain Cooler, Tank Cleaning Heater, Oily Water Separator, MGO Cooling Uint, LNG Vaporizer / Gas Heater. For Plant, the range of products is Surface Condenser, Deaerator, Inter Cooler, Feed Water Heater,H2 Cooler, Vacuum System. Air Cooler for Main Engine Since its establishment in 1980, DongHwa Entec Co., Ltd. has successfully developed and manufactured air coolers used for low and high-speed engines for over 20 years. DongHwa Entec currently occupyabout 50% of market share in the air cooler industry over the world. It is working towards to become a leading air cooler company. Our charged air cooler is used to lower the temperature of compressed air inducted through the turbo charger and consists of fin, tube, tube sheet, casing and water chamber. This is done to enhance the power and efficiency of diesel engines. Fresh Water Generator Fresh water generator is an equipment to produce fresh waterby using sea water and is roughly divided into low pressure evaporating type and reverse osmosis type. Most of merchant ships are adopting low pressure evaporating type to produce fresh water by using steam or jacket water, which is waste heat source from Engine and F.W.G. is approximately divided into Shell & tube type and plate type. S.W. is vaporized under vacuum by extra heat source and salinity is percolated from the vaporized S.W. and fresh water is gained by condensing them, while, it is necessary to maintain salinity as not to exceed 0-10ppm. F.W.G. consists of vaporizer, condenser, demister, salinometer, distillate pump, ejector and steam injector. Manufacture & Export of Heat Exchanger,Tank Cleaning Heater,Air Cooler,Vacuum Condenser,LNG Vaporizer,Water Geneator,Main Turbine Condenser Manufacture & Export of 33101 / Building of Ships and Boats

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FROST Co.,Ltd.

heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger, flat plate heat exchanger, plate and frame heat exchanger, water to water heat exchanger, heatexchanger plate, brazed heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, water towater heat exchanger, water heat exchanger, heat exchange system, heat exchanger manufacturer, air heat exchanger, heat exchanger circulation, air cooled heat exchanger, hot water heat exchanger, heat pump, oil cooler, evpaorator, condenser, air dryer, bundle # AboutFROST - The manufactuer of Heat Exchanger - FROST strives to realize customer satisfaction in the modern society with the help ofenergy shortage in modern society, the development of new products inthemodern world, and the realization of " realization of customer ideas " based on the accumulated technology and know-how of the entire business (industry, food, shipbuilding and frozen sectors), and we strive to become more successful. # Main product Heat Exchanger - Refrigerant Vs Fluid (Gas,Liquid) - Water Vs Fluid(Liquid) - Oil Vs Water - Gas Vs Gas, Gas Vs Liquid # Product Description 1) Water Vs Fluid (Liquid) - model:FB26,FB36,FB32,FB60,FC120 - Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 2Mpa / 250 - Fluid fluid:Water,Oil,Brine(cond%,etc fluid - Available materials:SUS304,SUS316L - Used filler:C1220,Nickel -Usage use:ater thermal vents for hot water, cooling tower circulation, swimming pool, food for food, etc. 2) Oil Vs Water -model: Module type Tube cooler - Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 1.1Mpa / 100 - Available materials: SUS304,SUS316L - Used filler:C1220,Nickel - Usage use:Oil cooler lamp for deceleration 3) Refrigerant Vs Fluid (Gas,Liquid) -model: FC26,FC36,FC32,FC60,FD62,FC120 - Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 4Mpa / 150 - Fluid fluid:R-140A,R-134a, Nh3,Libr2(cond%),R245yf, etc - Available materials:SUS304,SUS316L - Used filler:C1220 - Usage use:Evaporator, condenser, superheater,CasCode etc

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Servan Co., Ltd.

# Company Introduction Servan, established in 1993, is a leadingHVAC manufacturer in Korea from air handling unit, ductless hvac system for large space, air-air heat exchangers, hrv unit, to axial/jet fans. With the slogan ��change air, change life�� in every step from selection, production, installation, to aftercare service, Servan is now a well-recognized HVAC company in Korea certified by Korean government, military, and key global corporations. # Strength We care the most about providing the most comfortable level of indoor climate by emphasizing product quality and aftercare service. Thisconsistency and effort have allowed Servan to manufacture more and more products, in order to provide the customers with the most efficientsolution. Servan holds 23 patents, all of which are used in our own products. Our AHU and ERV units are certified by the Korean government,and we have AHRI, CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications. # Certification - AHRI (heat exchangers) - CE (Decentralized HVAC System for warehouse, factory) - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 - Excellent product certified by Government of Korea (Air handlin unit, energy recovery ventilator) # Main Product Product name: MIRINE�� Ductless HVAC System MIRINE�� is energy-saving decentralized ventilation system that provides recirculation and/or fresh air supply, independently from each unit installed below the ceiling. With its flexibility in operation mode, MIRINE�� guarantees to create and maintain the optimal climate condition for any large space including warehouses, retail stores, sports stadium, and exhibition centers. ** MIRINE��, a Korean word pronounced as Mee-ree-nae and meaning galaxy, is the trademark of Servan Ductless HVAC System. # Keyword Ductless HVAC system, Decentralized ventilation system, energy recovery ventilator, heat recovery ventilator, rotor heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, warehouse air conditioning, rooftop hvac, centralized air conditioning system, decentralized air conditioningsystem,HVAC system, ventilation system, heat recovery systems, air exchanger, airconditioning, hvac

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