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Servan Co., Ltd.

# Company Introduction Servan, established in 1993, is a leadingHVAC manufacturer in Korea from air handling unit, ductless hvac system for large space, air-air heat exchangers, hrv unit, to axial/jet fans. With the slogan ��change air, change life�� in every step from selection, production, installation, to aftercare service, Servan is now a well-recognized HVAC company in Korea certified by Korean government, military, and key global corporations. # Strength We care the most about providing the most comfortable level of indoor climate by emphasizing product quality and aftercare service. Thisconsistency and effort have allowed Servan to manufacture more and more products, in order to provide the customers with the most efficientsolution. Servan holds 23 patents, all of which are used in our own products. Our AHU and ERV units are certified by the Korean government,and we have AHRI, CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications. # Certification - AHRI (heat exchangers) - CE (Decentralized HVAC System for warehouse, factory) - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 - Excellent product certified by Government of Korea (Air handlin unit, energy recovery ventilator) # Main Product Product name: MIRINE�� Ductless HVAC System MIRINE�� is energy-saving decentralized ventilation system that provides recirculation and/or fresh air supply, independently from each unit installed below the ceiling. With its flexibility in operation mode, MIRINE�� guarantees to create and maintain the optimal climate condition for any large space including warehouses, retail stores, sports stadium, and exhibition centers. ** MIRINE��, a Korean word pronounced as Mee-ree-nae and meaning galaxy, is the trademark of Servan Ductless HVAC System. # Keyword Ductless HVAC system, Decentralized ventilation system, energy recovery ventilator, heat recovery ventilator, rotor heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, warehouse air conditioning, rooftop hvac, centralized air conditioning system, decentralized air conditioningsystem,HVAC system, ventilation system, heat recovery systems, air exchanger, airconditioning, hvac

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