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Manufacture & Export of #Company Introduction We develop our solutions not only for those around us, but also for ourselves. Our ongoing research and technology development project on natural raw material are dedicated to enhance wellbeing of everyone around the globe, for everyone's sake. Eco-friendly Agriculture: develop and provide innovative and ecologically sustainable agricultural solutions. With our mission and moral obligation to improve agricultural productivity to meet global food deficiency, MR INNOVATION plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and clean eco-friendly agricultural solution. We offer natural alternatives which are of a premium quality to guarantee a future for both present and next generations. Our advance research and development team has been studying various plant nutrients and environmental recovery. With integrity and ingenuity which rules our actions, we provide professional agricultural consulting solutions. Beauty & Health: Our goal is to achieve efficacy and health goals for your skin and body. Our professional skin care experts provide excellence you can trust and rely on. It is our priority to meet our client��s needs, and we deliver outstanding solutions which blends for customers�� changing requirements. MRINNOVATION promises to deliver client��s needs and clean environment through responsibility management and precision management. #Main Products 1. HOO:E PEEL 2. HOO:E 3. THE MASK OF ZORRO C 4. MELTING EYE 5. GOODLINE ME 6. THE SERA. B 7. THESERA.L High tension ampoule 8. THE SERA. Sunscreen 9. THE SERA. Sunscreen # Homepage

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NBIO Co,.Ltd.

Natural eco-friendly multifunctional postprocessing textile antibacterial agent used in various textile products (various clothing, bedding) fabric #Company Introduction 1. Company Startup : 2002.10.29. / Korea's No. 1 bedding company, BH evezary Group, is using natural eco-friendly, multifunctional textile antibacterial agents for all 17 years of bedding. 2. Corporate type : Technology innovation (innobiz) and R&D (venture company) / manufacturing, trade and R&D (retention of technology laboratory) 3. Corporate Form : Manufacturing, Trade, R&D / No. 1 company in natural eco-friendly, multifunctional textile antibacterial agent, possessing technical skills 4. Handling item : natural eco-friendly (BIO-MASS) Comfort health BIO textile antibacterial agent (postprocessing agent for textile fabrics and knitting fabrics) 5. Technical Cooperation : Industrial-Academic Technology Network Retention / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Polytechnic University , E-Land World Textile Research Institute and evezary Sleep and Environment Research Institute 6. Product capability : My product's eight value (cost-effectiveness) customer satisfaction / Natural environment, multifunctionality, high safety, high durability, odorless function, no-binder, low price, support for quality control of technology development #Main Products NBIO GINKGO ECOHOT-heat LOHACOOL-AI ATOCOOL MOSPASS ECOHOT-Fiber BIO-LS ECO-A1

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# Keyword Balgeunryuk, Bulgasari, Chungkeoypa, Samchongsa, Gyoonkeokpa, organic, farming, agriculture, insects control, blight control, Eco-friendly, Organic farming material # Company Introduction Established in 1994, FM AGTECH has been a Korea's No.1 fertilizer manufacturer, specilised in microorganism cultivation. FM AGTECHis advancing toward becoming a professional research company by doingthe research and development of eco-friendly and high-functional biological products for cultivating safe, high quality and excellent crops. As one of the best microorganism cultivated fertilizer manufacturer in South Korea, it is highly recognised in fertilizer and agri-productpromotor industry and recorded No.1 export performance within country. # Product Description & Technical Detail A. Choongkyeokpa -Description Choongkyeokpa shows superior effecton various kinds of insects such as aphid, leaf-miners, mulberry thrips, brown plant hopper, etc. Firstly, necessaries of eco-friendly high-quality agricultural products production! Secondly, it isharmless to a human body and there is no environmental pollution by the use of natural plant-extracted substance and self-developed naturalinfiltration adhesives! Thirdly, it is an eco-friendly pest control product that effective duration time and environmental stability are superior because natural plant-extracted ingredients and highly-functional natural infiltrating agent raise further effect and are infiltrated dispersing to leaves! -Technical Detail Packing unit : 250ml, 500ml Activity range : Aphid, mulberry thrips,striped flea beetle, leaf-miners, brown plant hopper, lycorma delicatula, etc Since this organic farming material can affect honeybeewhile flowering, spray chemical before sending the honeybee and send fertilized honeybee 1~2 days after spraying. B. Buyangto -Description 1. Buyangto is a fertilizer for organic acids that ferment organic acids, such as amino acids, milk powder, and bonefat, into lactic acid yeasts. 2. Evenly sprinkle the surface of the soil before planting the crops, and once the soil is fully cultivated, the fertilizer in the soil is preserved for a long time and the soil is rich enough to thrive on farmland. 3. Organic substances boost the vitality of the soil and promote the growth of the crops and encourage them to grow. 4. Contains the three essential elements of the crop, namely nitrogen, phosphoric acid, magnesium, and magnesium, which contain calcium and magnesium to complement the nutritional value of the fertilizer. -Technical Detail Packing unit: 2kg 1. Leafy vegetables : Throw out the vegetables to the ground after dividing them into 10 to 20 pyeong (33��~66��) before planting the ground. 2. Use the berries and root vegetables : Bu-yang-to1EA(2kg) to 16��~66��. 3. Put the pollen in a pot or plant, cover the plants and vegetables on top of the potted plants and cover the soil generously. C. Samchongsa1266 -Description 1. Samchongsa1266 (public notice number-12-6-6) is a soil improvement and crop growing material registered as an organic material. 2. Using natural nitrogenous guano and seaweed extract, it is harmless to the human body and there is no environmental pollution at all. 3. It contains 12-6-6 nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium, which provides enough nutrients for plant growth 4. Guano is a sediment of seabirds, and it is considered to be the best fertilizer with a high biological and nutritional value because it contains a lot of nitrogen component. 5. Seaweed extracts taken from clean seas will enhancepests and environmental immunity when used in crops and promote crop growth. -Technical Detail Packing unit : 2kg 1. Basal fertilization : 200kg per 10a (990��) soil blending treatment 2. Additional fertilizer : 200kg per 10a (990��) soil treatment �� Depending on the crop, the usage can be increased or decreased. 1. It contains a large amount of active ingredients, which reduces the use of additional fertilizers and reduces labor. 2. Activation of effective microorganisms in the soil prevents the accumulation ofsalts and improves salt tolerance. 3. It induces healthy growth of crops and increases disease resistance. 4. It greatly affects the root development (especially the root roots) and it improves fruitquality improvement. 5. The structure of crops and fruits is strong and it regulates the water content in cells to prevent various diseases and crop deficiency. # Catalogue # Video # End-user Urban Consumption Hierarchy for Home and Garden

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