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Manufacture & Export of oil filter fuel filter,fuel air filter,oil fuel filter,oil and fuel filters,oil filter air filter,air oil filter,cabin oil filter,fuel filter oil filter,oil filter and fuel filter,oil filter and air filter,airfuel filter We LADO FILTER ENGINEERING CO.,LTD (LAFIEN) are expert at filter business, we have more than 40years of experienceatfilter manufacturing and dedicated ourselves to make auto spare partsfor oil, air (cleaner), cabin air and fuel filters with better quality and lower cost. Our arkets and supplier for Hyundai & Kia motors.We have been exporting our filters for Japanese automobiles to Japan on OEM basis more than 10years, also we are exporting more than 8 countries, We feel that LAFIEN's success results from customer. To all ourcustomers and supporters worldwide, LAFIEN pledges to always be thinkand do customer's side. Thank you. # Factory Information - Korea factory. (LAFIEN KR) Located in Namwon city, Korea. Total area : 11,776 / Building : 1,599.9 Production line: Oil,Fuel, Air, Cabin, and Industrial filter. - Vietnam factory. (LAFIENVINA) Located in Danang city, Vietnam . Total area : 10,050.5 / Building : 5,547 Production lines: Oil, Fuel, Air and Industrial filter. - Kazakhstan factory. (LAFIEN KZ) Located in Almaty city, Kazhstan. Total area : 1.400 / Building : 400.2 Production lines: Oil, Fuel and Air filter. # Strength 1. We have manufacturer in S.Korea and Vietnam. We have more than 40years of experience at filter manufacturing and dedicated ourselves to make auto spare parts foroil, air (cleaner), cabin air and fuel filters with better quality and lower cost. 2. We have been exportingour filters for Japanese automobiles to Japan on OEM basis more than 10 years, also we are exporting more than8 countries, We feel that LAFIEN's success results from customer. To all our customers and supporters worldwide, LAFIEN pledges to always be think and do customer's side. # Certification ISO/TS16949:2009. - Quality management systems -- Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2008 for automotive production andrelevant service part organizations. # Price competitiveness We have two of main factories. first in Korea, second in Vietnam. and We have more than 40 years of experience at filter business.

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Wego Co., Ltd.

# Company Introduction WEGO is one of the leading spare parts trading company of Korean car-manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo, Ssangyong and Samsung. We specialize in supplying genuine, OEM, and non-genuine auto parts for the aftermarket with competitive pricingand high sufficiency rate. Since our establishment in 2005, the company has built up a great reputation within the automotive industryas a reliable business partner with years of stable relationship fromcustomers all around the world. In 2013 WEGO established a manufacturing facility to produce EFI gasoline fuel pump under WEGO’s ownbrand, WINA. WEGO continues to extend auto parts business field with customers worldwide that are stated below. Russia & CIS, Middle East & Africa, Asia, U.S.A, Central & South America EU countries #Main Product 1) Auto spare parts : Genuine / Non-genuine brand existing in Korea such as GM, ACDelco, MOBIS, Ssangyong, Samsung, PHC Valeo, Seco, Mando, CTR, Bosch, Garret, Hanon(HVCC), Doowon, Daewoo bus, Tata Daewoo, etc. 2) Original automotive sensors and electronic parts for passenger cars. 3) Auto lubricant : ACDelco, GM, MOBIS, Hyundai Xteer, GS Caltex, SK ZIC, S-oil, etc. 4) Fuel pump : WEGO's own brand WINA. Produced by WEGO. # YOUTUBE # Keyword FUELPUMP, AUTO PARTS, KOREA, SPARE PARTS, GMDW, MOBIS, HYUNDAI, SSANGYONG, OPEL, CHEVROLET, AUTOMOTIVE SENSOR, AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC PARTS, MAPSENSOR, EGR VALVE, INZI

  • Motor vehicle ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
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PUMP, FILTER, WIPER, Mechanical pump, EFI Pump, Spin on filter, eco filter, Injector, wiper blade, Agricultural Filter, Industrial Filter, EFI Module, polyurethane products, bushes, air filter, cabin air filter, Fuel filters(EFI FILTER, DIESEL FILTER, CRDI, PLASTIC TYPE, Strainer) Electric Fuel Pump(solenoid & contact point type) #Company Description Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd., since its foundationin 1982, is manufacturing and supplying Fuel Pumps and Filters for Automotive and Industrial usages to over 70 countries in the world. Through the continuing growth and development over 30 years, Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. has proved to be a leader in domestic and internationalautomotive markets and also risen to an enterprise ranking first in the World in the field of mechanical fuel pump as attached Korea government's certificate in Dec. 2015, also provided premium oil filters to north America which is the largest auto parts market in the world under STP brand distributed by AutoZone. Further, we developed and supplied high efficiency & long-life oil filter for Hyundai Motor Company under TUIX brand. Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. is based on its own unique corporate growth model, not depending on a large enterprise and continuously growing with its own brand 'DAEWHA' and pursue sustainable growth of 100-Years Company. Our mission is to supply the best quality products that satisfy the customers' requirements and expectations and so under the slogan, 'The quality is my own dignity', all staff do their best in each part to supply Zero-defect products. Daewha Fuel Pump Ind.,Ltd., designated as 'Hidden Champion in Korea' in 2011 from Government, has continuously developed new products and improved the quality ofour products, and also makes good partners for the business globally.Finally, we will make for a 'Global Hidden Champion'(Great Company). Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. and all domestic and international affiliated company staff will do our best to supply the best products andgreat faith to all our customers based on our core value, 'customer satisfaction' and 'focused quality'. #Main Products Mechanical Fuel Pump Electronic Fuel Pump Filter #Catalogue #Video

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Manufacture & Export of Hong Sung Brake Co. Ltd. has made a dash continuously toward the area of friction material market since its foundation, stands out ascomprehensive maker of friction material such as brake pad and lining, further, shoe assembly of a full-sized car, railroad vehicle part and effort in regard to quality and management of Hong Sung's own, paving the way to upgrade the quality and performance standard in automobile part market in domestic and foreign market, and at the same time, rewriting the history of domestic friction material market anew and making a new epoch. Based on our spirit of being in the lead, we have continuously developed and introduced new technology and state-of-the-art products and we are taking the leading part in value creation in automobile industry and we promise we will make our best efforts in developing much safer and more refined brake materials. We think that the best sales policy is the customersatisfaction through quality and performance and believe that meetingcustomer's needs with products and services leads to repurchase, securing stable profit base, which does not fluctuate from market change. We are now taking a big leap forward into the better future based on business ethics management and transparency of operation Thanks for your great support and encouragement, and your concern for Hong Sung Brake. Manufacture & Export of 33003 / Manufacture of Parts and Accessories for Motor Vehicles and Engines

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