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Darack Co., Ltd

Darack Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of pipe hangers, pipe support, pipe clamp, pipe racks, pipe clothes rack, pipe rack design # About Darack Co., Ltd DARACK CO., LTD is A professional of storage and logistics keeping the company philosophy of "Contribution of convenience and beauty to society and humans" by developing the most convenient and ideal loading and storage system. We developed and attempted over the years and started to launch the same in the market. Also, we have not spared research and time to develop the better products. Now and forever, we will substitute the welding which is hardto work, give the infinite utilization and comfort, and try to be a leader in innovative pipe assembly system in the world through developing the system that can assemble the form of pipe structure more easilyand more simply. PINNECT is: An integrated aluminum connector which can connect in the easiest way between one pipe and theother pipe. It is a circular pipe connection system which can assemble in the fastest thanks to advantage of lightweight aluminum and excellent workability. It can assemble the complicated pipe structuralshape in easier and more simple way. It is an innovative product withsuperior workability which gives the versatile usability and convenience to the industrial structure and household structures and very great compatible and can fix and assemble the pipe easily with one wrench bolt without nut using more than 12 different aluminum connectors which can connect the pipes. # Main product [Rack Pipe Fittings] 1) Pinnect BKA 2) Pinnect CKA 3) Pinnect DKB 4) Pinnect DKA # Brand name : PINNECT # Youtube : # Catalogue # Keyword Rack Pipe Fittings, Fittings,Pipe Rack Fittings, Rack Pipe Connector, Tube Clamp, Clamp, Pipe Joint, Metal Bar Joint, Pipe Rack,, Structural Fittings, Furniture Fixing,Interior, Exterior, Rails, Rack System, Pipe Shelve, Pipe hanger, pipe hangers, pipe support, pipe clamp, pipe racks, pipe clothes rack, pipe rack design, Interior

Supplier of:

  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, cast aluminium
  • Furniture and fixtures, sales space...


Crib, Newborn bed, Bumper bed, Play mat, Child mat # Company Instruction. Marming is a professional bumper bed company. All products are operated using environmentally friendly materials as our management principles. We are handmade in domestic factories that are made up of professional craftsmen of bumper beds. The maming bumper bed complements the dangers and short product lifeof traditional wood beds. You can safely put baby, play mat, ball pool, infant sofa, while using a variety of products with long life. Both the floor mats and side bumpers are fastened with zippers, making them easy to assemble and easy to clean when you need them. With a triple-layered quilted padding and 4 ounce padding, it has a competitive edge that is robust and durable. We are in the process of overseas delivery through EMS for the first time in Korea. This is a baby bed that has been recognized for its international customers. We are currently selling to Japan, USA, Canada and Europe. # Product Description. MAMING Oversized bumper bed. 1. Baby bed available from newborn to 7 years old. 2. Baby bumper bed complementing short-lived bed. 3. Luxurious baby bed with Nordic design. 4. Bumper bed for baby sofa. MAMING Speed mat. 1. 2IN1 products that mix playroom mat and bumper bed. 2. Korea's Only Integrated Bumper Mat (Registered for DesignApplication). 3. Safe living and play space for babies. 4. A combination of safety features of bumper beds and infant mats for eliminating noise.

Supplier of:

  • Beds and accessories, domestic
  • Beds, domestic, circular
  • Beds, domestic, folding...


Streetlight post, Handrail system, Bollard, Movable booth, Sculpture,Handrail, Handrail Fittings, construction materials, building materials railing system, railing, baluster, glass railing #Compnay Introduction CORAILING is specialized in producing, distributing and installation of handrail posts. We have been developing business through endless effort, trial and error and are supplying high quality handrail posts and accessories to our customers based on our know-how for depth-quality products to our customers at competitive price, but also to be responsible for ensure user's safety and innovativedesign of our products. - DESIGN Our design will brighten up your space, will satisfy your needs for safety and sophisticated style at the same time. It will contribute to making your buildingsnear perfect. - QUALITY We use the best quality materials, which are not only strong and neat but is near permanent due to corrosion resistant and strong in discoloration. - INSTALLATION Based on our long term know-how, we will satisfy yourneeds and short construction time to bring out the best results for the finish. CORAILING provides Design based on accumulated experienceof construction for more than 20 years Cost reduction through direct management from procurement of raw materials to processing Customized solutions about the railing system, designed to fit customers' needs and taste Consulting for buyers with product explanationwith support of diverse languages including English, Chinese Excellent Quality, Prompt delivery and Competitive price CORAILING Handrails can be used in a various locations including stairways, bridges, parking stations, schools, apartments, commercial premises, etc. They also meet the requirements of government department and national construction standards. CORAILING catalogs can be easily viewed online whenever you visit our website: You can get our product details and specifications in this website and also find pictures of case study. We promise to make continuous efforts to serve you the best quality products. #Main Products 1) Handrail post 2) Handrail fitting 3) Wall mounted handrail 4) Spider 5) Construction material 6) Promotional product 7) Balcony handrail 8) Fence 9)Bridge rails 10) Bicycle rack 11) bollard #Catalogue (Full Catalogue)

Supplier of:

  • Staircase and staircase equipment, metal
  • Handrails, metal
  • Artificial and reconstituted stone products...
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