SyncusTech’s 2016 Workshop and R&D timeline _ syncustech

Event | SyncusTech’s 2016 Workshop Each December, SyncusTech holds our annual workshop to review the year’s achievements and plan for the next year. The 2016 workshop was a meaningful time for SyncusTech members to share and discuss our corporate results.… Read More

New Kompass offer: Booster +1000 clicks guarantee_ Online Marketing

Online Advertising (Online Marketing) is a huge part of getting your company noticed especially internationally. Today people spend more time online than they do anywhere else and with access to the internet all around the world, it is one of… Read More

Entry the member of EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) Syscustech_ motherboards


Due to the increase in data from Industry 4.0 and automation in manufacturing, there is rapid growth in demand for industrial automation, smart factory, and others. SyncusTech has been dedicated to designing and producing custom motherboards for its ODM partners,… Read More

Thermal cut-off_SEKI CONTROLS CO., LTD.

# About SEKI CONTROLS CO., LTD. We, at SEKI CONTROLS CO., LTD., specialize in manufacturing bimetallic thermal protector and thermostat that are kinds of the ideal sensors detecting temperatures and protecting home and industrial appliance from internal and external damage… Read More

Auto Pilot System_APS CO.,Ltd

# About APS CO.,Ltd Advanced technological competence and knowhow! APS will take the initiative in the 21st century. We, at APS are the leading contender in the industry with advanced technological competence and knowhow. We have been grown with the… Read More

Leisure Power_EDS corp.

# About EDS Established in 2009 under the corporate philosophy of “challenge and innovation”, EDS Corp. has been steadily developing products for the energy industry and the business of optical communication industry. EDS Corp. has also been acknowledged for the… Read More