X-ray Ionizer_Sunje Hi-Tek

# Company Introduction -The manufacturer of all kinds of electrostatic equipment based on customers’ needs – The company is named “Sunje” which is located in Busan, South Korea. It has been doing x-ray source business in diverse industries for many… Read More

WiFi, Converter, Serial, Communication, Adapter, Bluetooth _Nulsom Inc

Nulsom Inc. is a manufacturer of robotics and IT hardware provider, catering to hardware engineers, DIY enthusiasts and interactive designers. # Company Introduction NulSom is a robotics and IT hardware provider, catering to hardware engineers, DIY enthusiasts and interactive designers.… Read More

The label Printing, Laser Label Cutter, Portable Laser Cutter_(Bitek Technology Inc.)

# Company Introduction “We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology.” Bitek Technology Inc., which has printing technology skills accumulated during the last 20 years, are doing its best with pride as a leading-edge company in the… Read More

Auger Machine, Button Bit, STIR RID, D.T.H Hammer_(SUNGWON HEAVY MACHINERY.CO., LTD)

# Company Instruction Since its establishment in 2001, SUNG WON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is solidifying our position as a leader offering everything for pile driving systems to do perfect foundation works: various types noise and vibration-free high performance Auger,… Read More

Cookware, Pan, Pot, Oven, Kitchen Cookware_(Sammi Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction In 1972, to offer our customers the joy and health of cooking, Sammi was started as a specialized manufacturerof kitchen products. Sammi develops and manufactures various productsranging from kitchen cookware to pressure cooker and has earned the… Read More

Food Processors, Food Manufacturers,Convenience Food_(Packsko Co. Ltd.)

# Company Introduction Packsko was established as an affiliate to specialize in overseas business of “Komas” which has the leading position in manufacture of “Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine”. We have achieved No.1 ranking in our domestic market with the leading… Read More

Korean Cosmetics Skin Care & Hair Products_(DONGKEE BALUNE CO., LTD)

# Company Introduction Balune Cosmetic is a Korean proucts with accumulated formulation technologies. Our missionis To provide health and joy to our skin & body understanding of consumers and markets worldwide with our Premium Skin Care, Hair Care & Body… Read More

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