SEASONED LAVER, SUSHI NORI, JAPAN LAVER # Company Introduction / Strength 1. High-quality original laver from the west coast of Korea We only use high-quality original laver that is comprised of Porphyra tenera and wild seaweed mixed in a particular… Read More

Hand-crafted accessory DIY KIT / Glue / Gift items _ EO Dream

Pentray, Pencil vase, USB, Hand Mirror, Giftware, hand-crafted, Traditional giftware,Q’TIQUE GLUE, DIY KIT, Mould, Crystal,accessory glue, craft art, tourism products, korean traditional craft art # Company Introduction Our company, called EO Dream, is an enterprise for the disabled and a… Read More

Carbonated Luminous chalk / Fulltouch chalk / Paper Blackboard / Kids set / Stationery _Sejongmall

Carbonated chalk, Carbonated Luminous chalk, Chalk & Paper BlackboardKids set, Stationery / Kindergarten, School, University, A school supply distributor, A child product distributor, A stationery distributor, large supermarket MD #Company Introduction Sejongmall is a quality stationery manufacturer based in Korea,… Read More

Bakery Packaging, Cafe Packaging, Shopping Bag, Package Design _Kyungil Packaging

Bakery Packaging, Cafe Packaging, Restaurant Packaging, Cake Box, Cake Packaging, Shopping Bag for cafes or bakeries, Dessert Packaging, Package Design in Korea, Korean Package Design Company # Company Introduction Kyungil Packaging is a design and printing company specialized in printing… Read More

Facial mask pack / peel off mask pack / Korean beauty mask_CIELLINE

mask pack, facial mask pack, sheet mask, korea mask pack, moisturizing mask pack. vitamin mask pack, peeing mask pack, microfiber mask pack, peel off mask pack, wash off mask pack, brightening mask pack # Company Introduction In accordance with the… Read More

Vitamin Mask Pack / Female cleaner/ BB Balm / diet serum_ Life Together

Korean cosmetics, skincare, rooicell, functional, OEM, anti-aging, whitening, skin, trouble, Manufacturer, cosmetics, female cleanser, BB cream, makeup, home care beauty, Vline, cellulite, mask pack, anti-hairloss shampoo # Company Introduction Life Together Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturing venture company that… Read More


CHANUN, SEMISOLUTION, DASHCAM, DASHBOARD CAMERA, CAR DVR, CAR BLACKBOX, SECURITY CAMERA, SIMPLECAM, IP CAMERA, CHANUN ACE, CHANUN PEGASUS+,CAMSOLUTION #Company introduction As a leading solution provider of semiconductor technology, Semisolution is one of the fastest growing company in Car Dash Cam… Read More

Natural soapㅣSJ Natural

Natural soap Weak acid soap Natural moisturizing soap Infant soap FIG cypress Moisturizing lotion Acne improvement Itch improvement Improved skin dryness Whitening Lotion Niacinamide Arbutin AHA #Company introduction HEAL THE WORLD COSMETICS! Do not scratch Healthy skin recovery Honest love… Read More


O2ginfarm, O2 Ginseng, O2 farm, O2 Ginseng farm, Fresh O2 Ginseng, Sansosu Ginseng, Fresh Korea Ginseng, Fresh Ginseng, Ginseng leaves, Ginseng stems, Leaves and stems of Ginseng, Water cultured Ginseng, Oxygen Ginseng, Oxygen hydroponic Ginseng, O2 hydroponic Ginseng, Hydroponic Ginseng,… Read More

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