#401 Dongho Plaza, 1013-7 Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si
435-030 Gyeonggi-do
South Korea

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*Manufacture & Export of**Keywords Laser Plastic Welding System,Laser Marking System,Laser Safety Eyewear and Windows,Laser Beam Delivery Head,Laser Beam Analyzer & Monitor System,Laser Metal Welding,Laser Hardening,Laser PlasticsWelding,Laser Brazing,Laser cladding,Laser We, Eurovision Co.,LTD, are the Laser company established in 2002 and our main business is developing the industrial application using High Power Diode Laser & Laser related products since 2002. We are working very hard as a one single team to be a market leader in many industrial application using high power laser system and our specialty is Laser Metal Welding, Laser Hardening, Laser Plastics Welding, Laser Brazing, Laser cladding, Laser soldering application. We are working at the cutting edge of Industrial laser application, using latest Laser technology to lead a rapidly growing high technology market and continue to make every effort to exceed customer��s expectation where the Industrial Laser Application matters. We are ready to support you as a one of your most reliable partner in many laser application.* Main Products1.Laser Plastic WeldingSystem(ELW-100RD) Laser plastic welding system for R&D purpose. Flexible type and easy control2.Laser Plastic Welding System(ELW-100ST)Laser plastic welding system for automated production. Optimized system for quantity production line. 3.Laser Plastic Welding System(ELW-200) Laser plastic welding system for automated production. Optimized system for quantity production line.4.Laser Plastic Welding System(QMS Software) Quality control system for laser plastic welding. Optimized solution for laser plastic welding analysis.5.Laser Hardering System(ELH-3000) Automated laser hardening system using high power diode laser.6.Laser Cladding System(ELC-3000) Automated laser cladding system using high power diode laser.7.Excimer Laser(ATLEX Series) New generationof high precision eximer laser8.Laser Micro Machining System(Micro Master) High Performance Micro-Machining System using ultra short pulse laser.9.Laser Marking System(ELM-25) Automated laser marking system for metal,polymer, others.10.Filtration Unit Filtration Units for Gas, Debris, Particle.Flexible type and easy control11.Laser Lamp and consumable parts Laser Lamp and consumable parts12.Laser Safety Eyewear and W

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